10 New Spanish Words

So this was a somewhat odd exercise from “Become an Idea Machine”, yet I liked it:

Because I have never had to be so creative.

The exercise was to find 10 new word creations in Spanish.

And I barely speak any Spanish! I do speak German. Fluently. Doing this exercise in German would not be any challenge.

So I have to use a dictionary. This is what I will do:
I think about two different German or English words.
I translate them into Spanish.
I put both Spanish words together to create a new word.

Today will prove that you don’t even need to speak a language to create new words in it (as long as you have a dictionary)!

Or it will be a complete failure. A failure that we had fun bringing about. So either case, we win.

Spanish Words BMW Isetta
Yes, that’s a BMW too – and a hell of a fun one to drive at that! Name is Isetta, and the whole front is a door that opens.

#1 – Deleitrigir

“deleite”: joy
“dirigir”: drive/move
Together: “deleitrigir”. The joy of driving.

This was inspired by various ad campaigns for German automobile manufacturer BMW. Their slogan is “The Joy Of Driving”.

#2 – Friuvia

“frío”: cold
“lluvia”: rain
Together: “friuvia”. Cold rain.

It’s probably a word that does not exist in Spain. Unthinkable it would ever be cold there!

#3 – Infríurno

Spanish Words Cold Hell
Do you feel your breath already freezing just by looking at it? It’s strangely beautiful.

“frio”: cold
“infíerno”: hell
Together: “infríurno”. Cold hell.

That’s the next bigger form of “friuvia”. If there is a winter day full of snow, ice and sleet, you could think of this as such a cold hell.

Maybe it could also mean “when hell freezes over”…?

#4 – Colsalto

“salto”: leap
“Columbus”: as himself
Together: “Colsalto”. A Columbian leap. Across the whole ocean. I don’t think this phrase even exists in English!

A “Columbian leap” is a gigantic leap with unclear outcome but potentially big upside. Columbus thought he had the route to India figured out, but you coud never be completely certain you’d arrive, a couple of years before the invention of the GPS.

#5 – Susurratoro

“susurro”: whisper
“toro”: bull
Together: “susurratoro”. A bull whisperer. A toreador that is particularly skilled with handling bulls.

The trick is that there is no obvious spanish word for “whisperer” – apparently. Yet I would call a “whisperer” a “susurrator”. So this is a nice combination.

#6 – Felicidábido

“felicidás”: happiness
“habido”: habit
Together: “felicidabido”. The happiness habit.

#7 – iMante/iSposa

“iPhone”: as itself
“amante”/”sposa”: lover/husband
Together: “iMante/iSposa”. It’s a significant other who permanently checks his or her iPhone in front of you while you are in a conversation.

#8 – dormierdra

“dormir”: sleep
“piedra”: stone
Together: “dormierdra”. Sleep like a stone. Sounds similar to mierda “shit”, because you use the word when you overslept.

#9 – sangoreja

“sangriento”: bloody
“oreja”: ears
Together: sangoreja. A person who does not know when to stop talking and dominates the conversation. So you get bloody ears.

#10 – Vidamentas

“condimentas”: spice
“vida”: life
Together: “vidamentas”. The spice of life.

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