Viva Las Vegas! 10 Reasons For And 10 Against Spending Time in Vegas

I have been to Las Vegas for a week back in 2006, which was great fun. Shows, casinos – yes, it can be fun to gamble “for real” – roller coasters (the one on “New York, New York” is great) and a visit to the Grand Canyon were the highlights.

Next time, I’ll probably explore nature a bit more.

Everyone should go to Las Vegas at least once in his or her lifetime.

Mike Cernovich has a great podcast about actually living in Vegas for a while.

Definitely check that out, it touches on some additional aspects about networking and making connections.

Las Vegas New York New York
Viva Las Vegas!

#1 – Dating and hooking up

It seems to be easy to hook up and party in Las Vegas. Lots of night clubs, people go there with the explicit purpose of having fun, and…

… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

#2 – Realizing how unpredictable luck really is.

Last time I went to Vegas, all the roulette tables had big displays that showed the numbers and colors that had been selected each round.

It was actually very surprising how unexpected the order of numbers could be.

For example, you’d believe that red-black alternates fairly regularly.

Your intuition actually plays tricks on you – these tables actually had 10 (!) times red in a row – and any other combination imaginable, when you looked at all the tables throughout the casino.

It was just completely unpredictable.

#3 – The pure enjoyment and absence of worry.

When you work, you leave your ego out the door.

When you go to Vegas, you can leave anything work-related out the door.

And as I said in point #1 above, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

#4 – Extraordinary activities

Vegas is not only about gambling.

You can go hunt, or shoot arrows and (machine) guns in a shooting range; you can drive an expensive car. You can essentially let loose and splurge on activities your would normally not do.

#5 – Experience how breathtaking nature is all around you.

I absolutely love the appeal of the desert-like climate.

It always reminds me of Mad Max or Stephen King’s “The Stand”.

You can take trips to Zion National ParkGrand Canyon etc.

You could even start a road trip here and then maybe write a book about it.

#6 – See how people assemble water and create energy out of nothing.

Las Vegas is a city in the middle of the desert. Yet, casinos and hotels have lavish water fountains.

How do they do that? Or better yet, how amazing that people are able to do that! Engineering. You gotta admire it. Let your self be inspired. Nothing is impossible.

#7 – Look for work.

Maybe an odd reason here, but… if you are young and not yet decided on what you really want to do with your life, you can take some jobs in Vegas as a waitress, bartender etc. and then see how it is.

You could even do some bartending, rent a home and make some money via, while you are building your business.

Nevada levies no income tax, and overall, taxes in Nevada are the second lowest in the whole country. Taxes are low in Nevada, so you can build up some wealth while also having contact to a lot of different people.

#8 – American History.

Las Vegas Vic
Vegas Vic

Even though the old strip is not very active in terms of gambling, it is still there – for example, you can still see the friendly cowboy “Vegas Vic” on Fremont Street.

And diverse casinos and other landmarks have been used for various movies, for example: Ocean’s Eleven (), Rain Man (Caesar’s Palace), Mars Attacks (the whole strip) and many more. You can see a complete list of movie locations here.

#9 – You are forewarned.

You can see a lot of gambling addicts.

It is actually a little bit frightening to look at these people, staring into the slot machines and trying to get back their money. Of course, in the end, the bank always wins.

They look lonely. Nowadays, the slot machines accept credit cards, so you don’t even have the physical sensation of losing money!

You never want to end up like those poor addicts.

#10 – The M&M World

Las Vegas M&M World Inside
All colors of the rainbow

This shop is a sight to behold alone. Everything about M&Ms. 

An amazing assortment of M&M based gadgets and edible M&Ms in every color under the rainbow.

If you like M&Ms, that is your paradise.

Now we get to the points that speak against experiencing Vegas.

#1 – You burn through a lot of money.

You should make money when you are young, then spend it when you are older… Vegas will not teach you to be frugal.

#2 – Partying hard does not give you fulfilment.

When you are in a phase where you look for orientation and the deeper meaning of life, Las Vegas may be a sore disappointment.

#3 – It can be very superficial.

You have miniature Paris, Venice etc., but underneath the veneer Vegas exists to make one and one thing only: money.

That can feel empty.

#4 – It’s very hot.

If you need to be amongst mountains or the ocean, you will not enjoy being in a desert.

Even though the heat is dry and halfway bearable.

#5 – It can become boring.

Casino hopping can only get you so far. Add some shows…

… but in the end there is much less variety than in a city like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago etc.

It’s all geared towards having fun on one weekend.

#6 – Throughput of people.

The majority of people you meet are just passing through. You can’t really meet people again to strengthen your connections in person.

#7 – Las Vegas is an isolated city in the middle of the desert.

Since Las Vegas is an isolated city in the middle of the desert, it is not representative for the other cities in the US.

If you want to learn about US history and culture, Vegas might not be your best starting point.

#8 – If you look for work, there are not many long-lasting jobs.

The jobs are really geared exclusively towards satisfying the partying clientele, so you might not find a job where you can create something long-lasting, “meaningful”.

#9 – You support gambling addiction

You might have some moral concerns, because even if you are not gambling, by being in Vegas, you are pouring money into an industry that preys on gambling addiction.

#10 – When you are young, it’s better to MAKE money than to spend it…

If you are in your twenties, you might want to look into building up a business or getting a job rather than wasting money on gambling.

So Vegas can be a distraction. On the whole, I’d say though: go for it!

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