11 answers to everything in the Universe – in just ONE WORD

The book “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” says the answer is “42”.

You could also say “now”. Because everything happens “now”. The rest is just projections or regrets.

Here are eleven more words that contain the “Essence of the Universe”.

Milky Way Atacama
European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) on Cerro Paranal in the Chilean Atacama desert. The two distinct bright patches seen here in the night sky are the Large and Small Magellanic clouds, with the Milky Way itself on the left of the image.

#1 – Presence.

Only when you learn to be present in the moment can you be part of everything that is happening.

Furthermore, if everything happens “now” and the rest is just projections or regrets, then you need the presence to experience it first.

#2 – Singularity.

A singularity is the point where a parameter becomes infinitesimally large.

The universe is large and maybe ever-expanding. Yet, we who are able to ponder that, are but the tiniest “speck” in space.

This alone can boggle your mind.

This movie shows another way to represent this duality of unbelievable large and incredibly small. Every step in this movie contains an area that is ten times larger than the previous one.

#3 – Black Tea or Coffee

If you need to relax, it will calm you down. If you are tired, it will wake you up. There is even a saying in German: “Abwarten und Tee trinken.” – “Wait and drink tea”. How can these beverages not be the answer to everything in the world?

#4 – Energy.

Everything is energy. Even mass. E = mc2.

#5 – Laughter.

The universe laughs with at us and our brave attempts to understand it. See this famous picture.

#6: Incompleteness

Kurt Gödel established the Incompleteness Theorems that state that the consistency of axioms in any given system can never be proven. In other words, we can never derive ways to completely predict a system from within.

So we will never have a complete answer to everything in the Universe. Even if there is one, we will never figure it out – simply because we are part of it.

#7: Escher or “Möbius”

If you look at M.C. Escher’s drawings, they often depict situations that fold back on itself – for example, the famous picture with stairs going around a tower going upwards and yet, after one circle, start back at the beginning.

Or take this picture of a ‘strange cube’:

Universe Escher Cube
A strange cube indeed

Likewise, a Möbius strip is a band that folds back on itself. Like every band, it has two sides, but if you put a fold inside, these two sides merge into one.

Universe Möbius Strip
How many sides does this beautiful band have?

There is a hidden dimension in it that we may never be able to understand.

#8: Bach

To me, that music has eternal life. To me, it is the closest one can get to perfection – it almost appears that when you listen to it, everything becomes clearer. It calms you down, yet inspires.

Check, for example, the Goldberg variations:

#9: Precision

If the gravitational constant would not exist at exactly the value it is at, the Universe would collapse.

It would simply not expand against the gravitational forces and be pretty much “Dead On Arrival” instead. 

Or gravitational forces would be too low to allow galaxies to coalesce.

I don’t know whether I agree with Francis Collins’ conclusion that the precision of the gravitational constant is evidence of God, but it certainly gives you something to think about.

#10: Ask.

Whatever you want to achieve, you just have to ask for it/order it and the universe will deliver it to you.

That is true in life everywhere.

Inquire from the void whatever you want to have. And you shall get it.

It may take time, but ultimately it will be there. If you ask, you will then work on it and you will get it.

It’s almost as if you bend the universes strings of action to your own will.

#11: You.

Is there a God? I don’t know, but it seems that you have to take action to make it happen.

It’s not enough to just ask. You have to put in the motion to get where you want to be. It’s that simple!

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(Images taken from Wikimedia Commons and naturalist.net)