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    Silencing Dissent

    This article is related to an incident that happened in the middle of november.

    Silencing dissent











    Mike from has written about it:

    There are two other excellent articles on this topic here:


    NoNothingNovember, Day 28

    NoNothingNovember is almost done…

    Today is the last big push for upgrading and adding to my blog.

    I have a lot of free time over Thanksgiving.

    It is especially important that I stick to very regular schedule on these days, otherwise the free time is gone very fast.

    I realize that a regular job provides one big advantage – it provides an automatic schedule and structure for the day.

    It takes a little bit of a mindset shift to regard working on my blog as regular job.

    But every time I am writing on here, it is so fulfilling, because this work is completely mine. So I am starting the day and ending the day a happy person!


    NoNothingNovember, Day 27


     Time flies by!

    November is almost over.

    It has been pretty interesting so far:

    #1 – It seems true that you need 3 weeks to ingrain a habit – since day 22/23, I don’t feel a big urge to take part in my vices anymore.

    #2 – I have started to build up this blog.

    #3 – I have even admitted something I feared (


    I feel I have definitely grown this month, and NoNothingNovember was a great thing to do.


    NoNothingNovember, Day 26

    Either be proud of or afraid of what you post.

    An article from Mike at struck very much home with me.

    So what did I learn today?

    Since I have started this blog,  I realize that I sometimes worry too much about not offending anyone – and/or embarrassing myself! I should accept who I am and stand up for myself.

    Ok, so let me correct that right here.

    When I wrote my review of “The Slight Edge” (, I said that this book has helped me overcome a lot of my addictions.

    That’s true. What I still left out was the one addiction that I felt the most devastated and embarrassed about: