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    One Juice Per Day, Single Malt Edition

    Thanks for tuning in – way past my bedtime, and I am too tired to write a full-fledged journal post.

    However, “One Juice Per Day” has to be drunk…


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    One Year Of Discipline, Day 24: How To Overcome Writer’s Block

    Day 24 - TypewriterRecently, Chris from, Mike from and Victor from have introduced the topic of finding your own voice.

    Others have added further comment, and even given suggestions of which topics have not yet been picked up.

    Now, one piece of advice that has not been mentioned so far is – when you want to find your voice, you have to be able to start writing.

    That may come easy for you, or you may end up staring at the empty computer screen, not clear about what to write.

    Writer’s Block.


    One Year Of Discipline, Day 23: What Ants Told Me About Freedom


    There is a short parable written by Alexander Solschenizyn, called “The Bonfire and the Ants”. I remember discussing it in high school (!), 20 years back, and it stuck with me until now – luckily, I just found an english translation:

    I threw a rotten log onto the fire without noticing that it was alive with ants. 

    The log began to crackle, the ants came tumbling out and scurried around in desperation. They ran along the top and writhed as they were scorched by the flames. I gripped the log and rolled it to one side. Many of the ants then managed to escape onto the sand or the pine needles. 

    But, strangely enough, they did not run away from the fire. 

    They had no sooner overcome their terror than they turned, circled, and some kind of force drew them back to their forsaken homeland. There were many who climbed back onto the burning log, ran about on it, and perished there. 

    This parable always fascinated me. It is about an important choice. The ants can either abandon their wooden home and live free – or go back into the log and perish.


    The ants are very clear about it: they go back to their “homeland”, even though it was already “rotten” and now clearly doomed to burn. What drives them there? A familiar environment? Shelter? Fear of the unknown?


    One Year Of Discipline, Day 22: How To Surf The Internet Without Drowning In It

    One Year Of Discipline

    There is one modern addiction that a lot of people fall into. Internet addiction. I am not even thinking about someone who cannot do anything else besides sitting in front of the computer.

    I am talking about the frequent distractions that “just a quick check” brings. Those distractions “just” take away 2 minutes of our time, but can destroy our momentum and throw us completely off our task.

    The internet is a great source of  information and a very useful tool.


    One Year Of Discipline, Day 21: How I Freed Myself From A Nightmare

    One Year Of Discipline

    Back when I was 10-year-old, I would often wake up at 5 am in the morning, only to fall asleep again a couple of minutes later. I dreaded these extra sleep times, though there was hardly any way I could get around them. I was simply too tired.

    Why did I dread these extra periods of sleep? Because I always got stuck in one of the worst nightmares.

    I was trapped inside my dream.