One Year Of Discipline, Day 48: Abundance

One Year Of Discipline

The following article is directly inspired by another blog post from It has clarified an important concept for me. My take on Mike’s article may be different from yours, so please don’t hesitate to check his article out.

Especially these days I am so much more excited about what I do than I was just a couple of years ago. I sometimes, however, still feel a lull in motivation. Mike’s article suggests to – in that case – go back to the basics – to find out in which situation I felt unstoppable. Remember what I did in those situations… and try to recreate what made me happy then.

I do not want to expand further on the concepts Mike has laid out there.

Instead, I would like to touch on one concept that came to my mind when I read his article.


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One Year Of Discipline, Day 47

No general introduction today – also part of my learning process. The last two weeks, I would not post anything at all if I did not have a larger article to write as an introduction. However, since this is also a log of my journey, simply posting the progress along “One Year Of Discipline” should be enough to keep my blog active.

Enjoy the read!

Summary of Day 47

#1 – Career

(a) Lab work

I finished one figure as well as one experiment. Ironically, only now I realize that even if I focus as much as possible, some tasks just take up their time. I used to chide myself for not working hard enough when in fact my main problem was a bad organization of my schedule.

(b) This blog

I reached out via Facebook to the “Smart Passive Income” community and will soon start a Mastermind group – of course, I am happy about that.

#2 – Health

(a) Workout

Daily Calisthenics:

31 push-ups in proper form. Then, finished out to 120 reps in one go, albeit I only went halfway down. Still, what a great way to show persistence to yourself at the dawn of the day. This ties back to my initial outline above – the more I get done by the beginning of the day, the happier I am.

(b) Nutrition

Body Fat Percentage: 21.4%

Morning: eggs and coffee.

Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich.

Dinner: Steak with Brokkoli and Eggs, Mozzarella.

(c) Sleep

Much to my shame I have to admit I only slept from 4 am to 6 am. That means that I have to sleep now close to 7 hours every night for the rest of the week if I want to be at 6 hours average.

#3 – Social Life

I talked a lot with my coworkers about the project. This is not only straight job talk. This is some form of community or “tribe“, because we are building something together. So it’s emotionally relieving.

#4 – Habits

Here is the list from 30 Days of Discipline – and how I fared:

1. Eat three meals or less, no snacks: done

2. Get up between 5 and 7 am: I got up at 6 am. Ok.

3. Cold showers: check

4. No Porn and Masturbation: check

5. 100 push-ups/squats/sit-ups minimum: no problem

6. Dress to impress, dress for success: check

7. Make a to-do list: done

8. Stand tall and proud: always

9. No excuses/explanations/BS: I am not even thinking about that anymore. It has become so much second nature.

10. Keep those ideas written down:

What did I do well?
1. Woke up early. Went to work immediately. Focusing.
2. Had my desk cleaned up before starting to work.
3. Got to my calisthenics without much of a delay.

What do I want to improve?
Too tired. It is tracking embarrassing to drop your iPad in the train because you fall asleep.

How will I improve?
Simply make sure I get my minimum 6 hours of sleep.

Additional ideas
Immediately before falling asleep, I will think about the start in the next day – and visualize the start of my day with all the tasks I will be doing. That should get me into the right mood from the getgo.

11. My purpose: Blog and work. I took care of them. See above.

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One Year Of Discipline, Day 41: The Freedom to Breathe

One Year Of Discipline

On Day 23, I talked about Solschenizyn’s parable “Bonfire and the Ants” in which ants chose familiar structures over freedom, even if they perish in the process.

I compared that behavior to people that – when similarly faced with the possibility of freedom – continue in the environment they have always been in, even if they dislike it. For example, people often state that they “hate their job”, yet make little effort to change their situation. There are always 1,000 excuses as to why they can’t just quit and do what really brings them fulfillment.

Now, Solschenizyn wrote another parable that complements the “Bonfire and the Ants“:

Freedom to Breathe

A shower fell in the night and now dark clouds drift across the sky, occasionally sprinkling a fine film of rain. 

I stand under an apple tree in blossom and I breathe. Not only the apple tree but the grass round it glistens with moisture; words cannot describe the sweet fragrance that pervades the air. I inhale as deeply as I can, and the aroma invades my whole being; I breathe with my eyes open, I breathe with my eyes closed—I cannot say which gives me the greater pleasure. 

This, I believe, is the single most precious freedom that prison takes away from us: the freedom to breathe freely, as I now can. No food on earth, no wine, not even a woman’s kiss is sweeter to me than this air steeped in the fragrance of flowers, of moisture and freshness. 

No matter that this is only a tiny garden, hemmed in by five-story houses like cages in a zoo. I cease to hear the motorcycles backfiring, radios whining, the burble of loudspeakers. As long as there is fresh air to breathe under an apple tree after a shower, we may survive a little longer. 

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One Year Of Discipline, Day 40: How We Make Snap Decisions – And I Overcome A Childhood Fear.

One Year Of Discipline

I was a bit late to an appointment yesterday, so I took a cab from the hospital where I work. The cab driver was really friendly, and turned out to really like science, so we chatted a bit.

But before I continue, here is a video on today’s “Juice A Day” progress. I overcame a childhood fear!

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One Year Of Discipline: First Week Of February.


First Week February


Apologies for not posting more during the last week. I will be back soon with more frequent posts and probably a slight change of this blog’s direction. More then.

Today’s content is simply a look back at the first week of february and how I fared in my goals and my daily habits, as well as the One Year Of Discipline challenge.

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One Year Of Discipline: January Review

30 Days of Discipline

Click here to view more details

I have gotten a little behind on the journal entries, and I have not always detailed them well. But rather than playing “catch up”, I’ll skip the few missing entries and provide a complete overview over January – what went well, what I want to change and how I will change.

This weekend is first of all, a review and look back at one month of discipline. 11 more to go. Woo hoo!

First of all, I started this year with Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline. My plan is to not only follow the habits in that program for 30 days – as I already did last year -, but for all of 2015.

30 Days of Discipline” basically contains 10 habits, so that you can then focus completely on your goals (which would be habit #11 in that book).

Let’s go over my goals and how I fared with them in January 2014.

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One Year Of Discipline, Day 25: How To Pull The Frakking Trigger

One Year Of Discipline

I enjoyed Aaron Clarey’s video titled “Pull the f*cking trigger already“. Pulling the trigger and taking action is undeniably one of the easiest steps to take, hardest to execute – or it must be, because so many people are not doing it. Why not?

If I look at myself, change is something I don’t naturally embrace. I rather continue doing what I’ve always done. Or not done. And I suspect that is true for most people. It’s even worse nowadays, where we can cruise along live with minimal effort. The world comes to us, and Facebook “friends” are just a mouse click away.

But this world that comes to us is a world of illusion, and actually DOING something requires contact with the real world. Ironically it’s called “a leap of faith“, when it just means holding on to reality.

By taking action, you embrace center stage in your own life. And that can be a very scary thing.

Moreover, all the mass media, the junk food and yearning for the latest celebrity gossip appeals to our short-term reward centers – people are addicted to this illusion of a world. Taking action means stepping out of that drug haze. And that is really something not everyone is ready to do.

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