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    One Year Of Discipline: How To Let Your Past Go

    One Year Of Discipline

    A lot of the advice in then self-improvement community centers on being present. Don’t live in the past, don’t imagine you are already in the future, live now. One widely recommended way of living in the moment is meditation. If you either shut off your thoughts for a brief period of time and/or focus exclusively on what you are doing right now – e.g. the dishes – you will hone in on the moment and loosen your attachment to the past and future.

    Abandoning those attachments is the basis for getting rid of regrets – a passed opportunity – or fear – of bad events that could happen to you. Moreover, you learn to act and not react, since you are not a slave of your emotions.


    One Year Of Discipline, February Review

    30 Days of Discipline

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    February 2015 was a success – albeit smaller than I had hoped – but I managed to work in the direction of my goals.

    The big event this month was that we finally sent off our manuscript. A brief explanation – as some of you may know, I work as a biological researcher at New York University. I am interested in the mechanisms that enable blood vessels to grow into the brain, and we found several genes that are necessary for the process. Excitingly, one of those genes is involved in a lot of different types of cancer!

    Of course, even though the research will hopefully eventually benefit humans, we can’t really experiment on human subjects. Instead, we use zebrafish, that have blood vessels very similar to humans, as model organisms. We basically switch different genes on and off and use a microscope to record whether blood vessels are still growing or not. These experiments take several days to finish, and all in all, our work was approximately 4 years in the making. Even though the finish was a bit stressful, we are proud.


    I am also happy, however, that I can go back to a normal blog post publishing schedule in march.

    Two months gone in my challenge “One Year Of Discipline” – based on Victor Pride’s book 30 Days of Discipline and multiplied by 12.

    As a brief explanation, “30 Days of Discipline” basically is a collection of 10 habits – some of which relatively easy, some of which hard work, depending on your personality. Those routines prime yourself for a successful day, and you can tackle your main project(s) (habit #11) heads on and efficiently. It has continued to work nicely for me and produced some good results, as you can see below.


    These are my goals and performances in February 2015.