The Top Five Regrets of the Dying (Bronnie Ware)

Bronnie Ware: The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying

“Look at me now, Grace continued. ‘Dying. Dying! How can it be possible I have waited all of these years to be free and independent and now it is too late?'”

Bronnie Ware worked as a nurse in palliative care. She realized that most people that were about to die had several regrets. Things they had never learned in their life, items they had never taken care of. Now that they were dying, the time was gone to do what they had always dreamt of.

“The Five Top Regrets of the Dying” tells the stories of several of these patients. They came from all backgrounds of life, many were old, some were young. Most had never allowed themselves to be really happy, to life a life true to themselves, to really let people know what they were feeling. Some people though passed on with fond memories of their life. We also learn from them.

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