Gorilla Mindset (Mike Cernovich)

Gorilla Mindset (Mike Cernovich)

Gorilla Mindset is for everyone who wants to find their own way in life. It provides the first steps into a journey that begins within us and leads towards the place where we want to be – emotionally, socially or financially.

At the core of the book stands mindset. What is mindset?

Everyone of us experiences the world in a different way. Our genetic background, our experiences and beliefs build a certain ground state in our mind – a certain pattern of neuronal wiring – through which we decide how we react to new experiences and towards which values we gravitate.

There are basically two different lenses through which we see the world. Gorilla Mindset describes this polarity as scarcity vs. abundance. If you have a scarcity mindset, you assume the world has limited possibilities. You focus on preserving what you have, and you will not be eager to grow and collect new experiences. After all, the world is a limited place, right? With an abundance mindset, however, you realize that you can just go out and bathe in unlimited possibilities. Nobody is out to get you, nothing holds you back, you can just venture out and find your luck.

Thus, Gorilla Mindset helps us to develop an abundance mindset.

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