Max Delbrück, Physicist Turned Biologist – 13 Questions

Max Ludwig Henning Delbrück was born on September 4th, 1906 in Berlin, German Empire and died on March 9th, 1981 in Pasadena, California.

Max Delbrück entered the field of physics when it was really ‘booming’. Classical concepts had to be overthrown, and with the arrival of Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics, entirely new concepts were introduced into the scientific community.

Yet, at the height of his career, Delbrück chose to pursue the largely descriptive and yet poorly understood field of biology. He worked with giants of physics like Max Born, Niels Bohr, Wolfgang Pauli and Lise Meitner – only to leave them and become nothing less than a giant in his own right, receiving the 1969 Noble Price in Medicine together with Salvador Luria and Alfred Hershey.

Max Delbrück’s work established how viruses replicate; it has thus blown the field ofMolecular Genetics wide open. Without his research, the pharmaceutical industry as we know it would not exist today. We would not have bacteria producing recombinant insulin for us. No genetic testing. We would not even know what DNA really is!

Max Delbrück Portrait

What compels someone to make a radical career change – when he could have just coasted along – with so much power and hunger to help found a completely new discipline in biology?

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How To Change Your Limbs: 10 New Yoga Poses You Could Create

Yoga!?! Yoga?

Guess I got your attention.

Disclaimer: I never did yoga and know nothing about it. Some people do swear by it, and I am sympathetic to all their experiences with better joint flexibility, posture control etc. Maybe I’ll try it out myself one day.

Until I do that (and in the spirit of exploration), I wrote down some ideas for interesting yoga poses, and the effects they would create. I have given them fancy animal names. Maybe you like them too! Or even try them out. Let me know how that goes.

Without further ado, as part of Day 12 in the “Become an Idea Machine” challenge:

10 new yoga poses you could create, including their (animal) names…

… and their alignment, purpose and effects.

Yoga Poses Title

#1 – The (inverted) stork.

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How To Win Friends: 13 Meetup Groups You Could Start In Your Area

Meetups. This is actually what Benjamin Franklin decided to do when he formed the ‘Junto’. A place to ‘hang out’ with the best minds of his time to discuss philosophies and develop new visions and ideas. A true Mastermind.

According to Claudia Altucher, a good meetup group consists of the speaker making sure everyone is heard and people are introduced towards each other. This is another consideration when you start a group – how do you make sure everyone is heard? If you do that, you automatically force yourself to become specific with your vision, what you can contribute to each member of the group.

I think the best meetups are those that either (a) have the potential to install deeper friendships by rallying around a common cause or (b) solve a problem that we can’t easily do on our own. But together with others, we could. That way, the group can truly become bigger than ourselves.

This is Day 10 of the 180-Day Challenge Become an Idea Machine“.

13 Meetup ideas you could apply in your area

Basically, these meetups cover the question: what passion can you share with others? Where would you profit from new input? And how would you make sure that everyone participates?

Meetup Draft Declaration
Handing over a draft of the Declaration of Independence – maybe an idea for a slightly more advanced group.

#1 – Career changers

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How To Improve Traveling: It’s The Economy Class, Stupid

Previously, I talked about how each one of us could make air travel more convenient.

Now comes the version of what airlines could do to make traveling in economy class more convenient – and it would probably not even cost that much to implement.

That being said, I still think flying is an awesome way to travel. And with small modifications it could be even more exciting.

This is Day 9 of the 180-Day Challenge “Become an Idea Machine“.

12 ways to improve traveling in economy class

… that an airline like JetBlue could implement today to make people happier.

Economy Class St. Maarten

#1 – Allow people to sync with their own online accounts

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The Power Of Visuals: 14 Iconic Movies That Can Leave A Deep Impression On You, And Why

I did not think I had seen all that many movies. Then I thought back and went through several lists and realized – there is a whole lot of films I’ve seen.

I have chosen 14 movies that I think are iconic – and I marked the one scene or common thread that made it special.

This is Day 8 of the 180 Day Challenge “Become an Idea Machine“.

Before I get to the list though, there is one detail I’d like to mention: Back in the introduction to this challenge (see link above), I vowed to execute one of the ideas I had in the past seven days.

Thus, I will add a 3 minute break to sit back and close my eyes every day after I have finished my morning routine and report back what this can potentially add to our lives.

And now… to the list!

14 Iconic movies that can leave a deep impression on us, and why

The list actually starts with the first movie I have ever anticipated and seen in my life…

Iconic Movies Camera

#1 – E.T. – The Extraterrestrial (Steven Spielberg)

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How To Feed Your Mind: 16 Great Books And What You Can Learn From Them

Reading great books is an easy way to learn about yourself and the world around you.

This is my collection of 16 books that I think we can learn interesting lessons from. I can whole-heartedly recommend all of them.

With every great book, I have added a short summary of the key points.

This is Day 7 in the 180 Day Challenge “Become an Idea Machine“.

16 Great books and what you can learn from them

These books include self-improvement books as well as novels and children’s books. Some of those that are supposed to be for young adults, they often contain wisdom I find myself drawn to even 25 years later. Plus, I imagine if you have kids, you can also read these books to them.

Great Books Smuggling
Don’t show this book to your children though…

#1 – The Slight Edge (Jeff Olson)

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How To Fly With Fun: 13 Ways To Make Air Travel Easier

I often travel back and forth between the US and Europe. Flying is fun and I love it. I am also mildly affected by a mix of hope and strange exhilaration every time I take the plane. Did I put everything in order? Do I have all my documents with me?

The following list is a collection of several thoughts I had and measures I take whenever I go by air travel.

It’s also Day 6 of the 180 Day Challenge Become an Idea Machine“.

13 ways you could make your travelling easier next time you fly.

Air Travel Cockpit
Maybe even take the helm?

#1 – Prepare for your flight well in advance – have a list of important items.

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How To Make Your Life Cooler: 10 Ideas For Smart Fridges

Refrigerators are a great invention. Their strength – a well isolated cool environment – is also one of their weaknesses. You know one way to “clean up”? Get a big cupboard or drawer, throw all your stuff in there and close it. Case solved. Likewise, we close the door and are never really aware of problems with the fridge. We don’t notice all the time if the fridge light does not work, so we forget about replacing it. If we don’t think about it, we forget the food we put in there, and buy ready-made meals that we could have done with stuff that was already inside. And behind the fridge? Better not look, right?

This is Day 5 of the 180-Day Challenge “Become an Idea Machine“.

10 new technologies for smart fridges.

Here are my suggestions to utilize technology to put our refrigerators to better use.

Smart Refrigerators Marguerita

#1 – Sugar Crust

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How To Educate Yourself: 13 Ideas For Coursera Classes

We live in amazing times. Whatever we don’t know, we can simply teach ourselves from Udemy or Coursera. Which courses or classes would be interesting? Maybe seminars that you could even assemble? Victor Pride’s 30 Days Of Discipline is an example, which John Shea has made into a course. If you have the knowledge and the willingness to invest the time, you could first learn a new profession yourself, then teach it to others.

This is Day 4 of the “Become an Idea Machine” challenge.

13 Coursera classes that would be great to have…

… and what they have in their curriculum. Back to school!

Coursera Florian

#1 – Go-cart driving.

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How To Relax Your Mind: 13 Opportunities Every Day!

This is very important. Often we just rush through the day without making time to sit back and relax – we kind of “never find the time”. It’s great to be busy and to work towards your goals – but small breaks now and then are not a hindrance – they can in fact help to structure your day.

When you invest three minutes away from your normal activities and think about how to relax your mind, you can become more efficient, productive and happier on the long run.

This is Day 3 of the challenge “Becoming an Idea Machine“.

13 Opportunities To Sit Back and Close Your Eyes

How To Relax Your Mind Sleep
Like this guy – maybe with mouth closed.

#1 – Right after waking up

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