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    How To Improve Your Exercise: 14 Ideas To Challenge Yourself

    This is for everyone who does some sort of daily exercise – whether it is going to the gym, daily push-ups or walking 20 minutes to work or your commute.

    If you are not currently doing a daily physical exercise, you are missing out! Form the Mayo Clinic webpage: “Regular physical activity can help you prevent — or manage — high blood pressure. Your cholesterol will benefit, too. Regular physical activity boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or good cholesterol while decreasing triglycerides. This one-two punch keeps your blood flowing smoothly by lowering the buildup of plaques in your arteries.”

    If you want to improve your exercise – even if it is only walking around the block for 20 minutes – you can always make it more tempting and challenging. Your body gets used to one form of exercise. To continuously grow, you need to challenge yourself.

    Here are 14 ideas to improve your physical exercise each day.

    These suggestions roughly fall into three different categories.

    You can increase the intensity of your workout or physical activity.

    You can inform yourself about the workout you are doing and attack it with a conducive mindset;

    and you can potentiate your workout by eating clean.

    One important caveat: Don’t try to work through any stinging pain. It might be a sign that you are actually hurting yourself. But a dull feeling of difficulty is most likely not a sign to give up 😉

    Improve Your Exercise Titanic

    If you’re on board the Titanic, maybe just chill out.

    #1 – Don’t use momentum.


    How To Grow: 10 Maneuvers To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Getting out of our comfort zone is one of the scariest steps to take. Thousands of years back, when humans lived in hunter-gatherer societies, falling out of your role and getting on a tribe elder’s bad side meant almost certain death.

    You macked on the wrong woman or you dared speaking up against the chief? Out in the wild you went. Without any protection from bloodthirsty animals, harsh climate, enemy tribes etc.

    So don’t court attention to your case! Don’t go where you don’t belong! Don’t approach a woman before she is ok with it!

    That’s probably the reason why stories of people who dared to step out of their comfort zone are so inspiring to us. And this also means… there is a huge upside in doing this and taking a leap of faith.

    I recently came upon Jia Jiang’s website. He took action every day – for three months straight – to do something out of his comfort zone. Playing soccer in someone’s back yard, borrowing $100 from a stranger, speaking over Costco’s intercom etc.

    The more you challenge yourself, the more vulnerable you show yourself to be, the more you will grow. So there is a huge upside to braving your momentary discomfort.

    Here are 10 ideas to get out of your comfort zone…

    Comfort Zone Diagram

    Outside Growth, There Be Dragons…

    #1 – Sing Karaoke on an open mic night


    How To Declutter Your Life: 10 Items To Donate, Toss Or Repurpose

    “People buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like.” – Tyler Durden, Fight Club

    Minimalism. Declutter and focus on that which is really important to us. So many things that we have don’t fulfill a practical purpose. We got them as gifts; we bought them ourselves because we thought they’d be “really useful”; or maybe we wanted some entertainment. And a bazillion other reasons.

    To me though, what is important is to spend your life with people you like. You only have a finite life. You don’t have enough time to spend it with the accumulation of dead objects in a big house that you maybe never fill. 

    Think about it: when did you ever need a big room or many different items to talk to your friends? Yes, we need shelter; a house to get back to when it’s dark and cold outside. A little bit of food would be good too. However… imagine you could just up and leave and spend the summer at the French mediterranean coast without worry for a room to store your stuff. Wouldn’t that be great?

    Then I saw this tweet:

    Declutter JDiLillo Tweet

    I decided to follow Joe and play the Minimalism Game. On day one, I threw away one item, on day two two items, three items on day 3 and so on and so forth until I got rid of 30 items. What seems easy in the first days becomes tougher beyond day 15. But in the end, I did it. Altogether 465 items (for math nerds: 1+2+3+…+30 = 15*31 = 465).

    Here are some of the items I threw away to declutter my home:

    Declutter Minimalism I(…)
    Declutter Minimalism III


    It is day 15 of the 180-day challenge “Become an Idea Machine“.

    Declutter Pile of Notes

    #1 – A huge pile of notes


    How To Be A Journalist: 15 Ideas For Investigative Reports

    Many events, processes or storylines – like the War On Drugs – that were once an important part of society have vanished without a clear solution.

    In other cases, there are lots of correlative effects, like the Gender Wage Gap, without research into any causal relationships.

    If we do investigate some of these studies and events in more details, pictures and tendencies can emerge that may shed a light on phenomena in society we can’t really explain right now in a satisfying manner – like the obesity epidemic in the US and other parts of the world.

    This article lists some ideas for great investigative reports.

    It is day 14 of the 180-day challenge “Become an Idea Machine“.

    15 ideas for investigative reports

    Investigate Reports Drugs

    #1 – What’s the deal with drugs?


    How To Generate Passive Income Within The Next Three Months: 12 Ideas

    Generating passive income takes patience and perseverance until you can make a living off it.

    However, it does not need to take you long to get started. In fact, when I started this blog, I got $1.85 from Amazon Affiliates program within the first month.

    So here is a list with 12 ideas that let you make passive income within the next three months, including the immediate steps you’d need to take to get the project started. 

    Of course, you also want to have some idea of your target audience and don’t want to blindly jump ahead.

    However, a 20 page business plan can cripple an endeavour before it even starts.

    For example, when you apply for funds in biomedical research, even if you have a great hypothesis, you spend 3 months on an initial validation of that hypothesis, so in the end it can feel frustrating because you are not really moving forward, speculating on possible downsides rather than go ahead and just try out your ideas.

    If you like some of the ideas I am giving you , just go ahead and “get your feet wet”. The rest will follow the more you look into it.

    This is day 13 of the 180-day challenge “Become an Idea Machine“.

    12 ideas to generate passive income within the next 3 months

    Passive Income Conductors Bag

    Buy a street car, take this Conductor’s Bag and collect the money.

    #1 – Generate leads on Craig’s List