But then again, too few to mention: How To Let Go Of Regrets

This is one of these posts that are more difficult to write than others.

I always thought I don’t have many regrets. I have taught myself to see potential failures of the past as opportunities to learn.

I have learnt to regard the past as illusion and the future as real. And every day is a new beginning!

In her book “The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying“, Bronnie Ware talks about five main points people regret:
1. I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself.
2. I wish I hadn’t work so hard.
3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.
5. I wish I had let myself be happier.

None of these are points I regret, because luckily I was taught by my parents – and later learnt on my own – how to do what I think is right and not what others want me to be.

Since I took care of that one first, I avoided all other regrets.

Or at the very least, it seems easy to me to just become happy about my life, even if I am in a bad mood.

However… let’s put my feet to the fire. Are there actually points in the past I do regret?

It is not enough to just tell ourselves we are happy and then never work on moving towards our dreams and visions.

A good rule of thumb whether we are on the right track comes from Ed Latimore.

How to Let Go Of Regrets Ed Latimore
It took me a while to find this comment – glad I did.

To me, the way we overcome regrets consists of three steps:
1. Be honest and ask ourselves whether we have any regrets.
2. Is there also something positive that we can take away? What do we really regret? Reframe the regret – if possible – as demonstrated in the article about 10 Hard Gratitude Problems.
3. Device practical steps to avoid the mistake in the future.

So without further ado, I will go over 10 regrets that sometimes still come up in my mind, show how I reframe them and what I am actively doing to avoid them in the future.

#1 – That I did not first work in finance and be financially independent now.

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10 Ways To Surprise A Friend Or Loved One

A loved one here can be a great friend, your kids, your partner etc.

This is another example about people’s “Love Languages“.

The way in which people like to give and receive positive affection – via touch, praise, physical gifts, favors or quality time – determines the nature of your surprise for your friend. 

Many “surprises” work so well because people don’t always communicate with words what they like. But since a vast part of communication is non-verbal, we can observe and take an “educated guess” what the other person likes. So we all give clues as to what we’d like to receive all the time. Other people, unfortunately, don’t immediately pick up on our hints.

So we have gotten used to only expect someone to do something for us when we actually ask for it. And when we get our needs fulfilled without saying anything, we are positively surprised!

To recap the “5 Love Languages
1. Does somebody touch other people often, slap them on their shoulder etc.? “Touch” may be his favorite language.
2. Is someone always praising others or love being praised?
3. Does someone enjoy giving and receiving gifts?
4. If you talk to someone, is that person present in the conversation and not at all in a hurry to continue with his day? If so, he or she may value time most.
5. Is your friend often helping you with little errands? Some people just get up and fix the sink while you tell him about it.

The way in which people behave, how they interact and communicate with you gives you a good glimpse on what their preferred “language of love” is. Someone who is ready to jump ahead and fix your sink might appreciate if you reciprocate in a similar way. In the same language.

Surprise Kitchen Sink
Clean the sink and your husband will be happy.

#1 – Take over small errands

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Game Time: Ten Simple Card Games

10 Card Games.

Some of them are adaptations from existing board games, some are new creations.

I hope you can derive some value from it – I believe you can even construct the cards for some of these games with cardboard and a pen. Have fun!

Card Games Pattern Correct
This is how two cards fit…
Card Games Pattern Incorrect
… this is how they don’t.

#1 – Picardso

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Laugh And Let Live: 12 Reasons Why Adults Laugh Less Than Children – And How To Fix It

It is sa(i)d that children laugh about 300 times a day, while adults get to mere 5 times. How can we change that?

Simple: make life more miserable for children!

Ah, but of course not. Laughter is important, it relaxes us and frees us from pain – and it’s damn funny.

Somehow on our road to adulthood, we unlearn how to laugh. Why is that, and how can we regain our laughter?

Laugh No Laughing
This is serious.

#1 – Scarcity instead of abundance mentality.

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How To Outwit Your Elementary School Teacher: 16 Funny Answers

Even though my 3rd grade time was quiet, peaceful and friendly – in fact, I went to school in a small German village where dogs and cats would tell each other “good night” – there is a treasure trove of funny answers by elementary schoolers.

Thus, I have rekindled my childhood, thought about questions you would get as a 3rd grader and infused some humour into potential answers.

Often, these questions bring us back to think about problems in a very simplistic way – which is a great skill to have.

Elementary School Teacher X
Best Answer Ever

#1 – Imagine Snow White had made 28 cookies. How many cookies does each dwarf get?

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Travel Around The World: 10 Cities Worth Visiting – And Why

Today’s blog post is short and sweet – 10 cities around the world that would be worth a visit – including one specific detail or landmark that I think would make the visit even better.

I would definitely like to visit any of those cities.

Cities Worth Visiting Winter Palace
The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

#1 – St. Petersburg

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Everything Is A Market: 15 Companies We Frequently Use That Are On The Stock Exchange

This topic was a bit of a puzzle to me.

I can easily list ten companies the products of which I use – but what do I learn from the fact that they are or are not publicly trading?

I even re-read the chapter on investing in Aaron Clarey’s Bachelor Pad Economics. What does it mean if a company is on the stock exchange?

It probably means that that company is so valuable that a lot of people are using it. And thus, in turn, the company brand becomes big enough that people trust them and then hope they can make money off the company’s profits.

But is that true? Are, for example, the 10+ items I use – on a daily base coming from publicly traded companies? Let’s find out.

Let’s also see WHY myself and others use them – because that will show us what the real valuable part of those companies is. Convenience? Quality? The only company in the market? Which problem do these companies solve? Let’s also just look at this graph of the companies and corporations that experienced a lot of growth over the last 25 years…

Stock Exchange Big Players
Return on investment of Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft from 2003 to 2012

From that graph, it seems that the launch of the iPhone has been extremely profitable for Apple – suggesting that we are now accessing the web really more and more from mobile sources.

#1 – Amazon (AMZN on NASDAQ).

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The Early Boss Gets The Biz: 10 Businesses Kids Could Do That Are NOT Lemonade Stands

10 ideas for businesses that children could set outside on a summer afternoon, other than lemonade stands.

So this topic covers two questions:
1. What is in demand in the summertime around the neighborhood?
2. What is a business simple enough that kids can set it up quickly?

The answer to (1.) is really – anything that is inconvenient. People want to go to the holidays or at the very least be bothered with as few chores as possible.

And what we think of as “complex” may be simple by today’s kids’ standards. I am talking about internet businesses.

Kids nowadays know how to handle the web. They may not even be able anymore to envision a world without it.

They could easily create someone’s Twitter account for $2 or someone’s Wikipedia page for $10.

And by and large, an adult can execute a lot of these ideas – if they are simple enough – as well, with relatively little preparation.

So without further ado, here is my list!

Businesses Kids Could Do WordPress
Build a Website

#1 – Create someone’s web page, Instagram account etc.

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Do Clothes Make The Man? 12 Uniforms You Could Wear Just To Observe Reactions

Vote at the end of this article: which costume should I wear for one day???

This is a fun exercise – just wear a specific uniform for one day and observe people’s reactions.

If you dress in casual outfit with pullovers and “mom jeans”, you might feel ‘normal’, but people will take you much more serious when you are wearing a suit with tie.

Thus, we are actually talking about another concept here: the so-called Thin-Slice.

In “Blink“, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the concept of a “Thin Slice“. If you meet someone or see something for the first time, you make a snap judgement within seconds whether you trust him and have sympathy for him or not. It’s the reason why we dress our best when we go for a job talk. Despite our individual achievements, we know that first impressions count.

Thin-slices can be very powerful:
In 1983, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles agreed to buy a kouros from the 6th century BC. A kouros is the upright statue of a naked man with one leg forward and the arms to his sides.

The museum did intensive scientific analyses to verify the age of the statue and concluded that it was an original work. However, several archeologists and art dealers that actually dug out sculptures all said within seconds that the statue was a fake. To them, it looked like it had never been in any ground. Stunningly, they were right, despite the scientific “evidence”.

This snap judgement even has a physiological base:
In an experimental setting, people chose to turn over cards from blue or red decks.

Each card offered either a win or a loss of money. The participants had to try maximizing their winnings.

And there was a twist.

While the cards from the blue decks offered you either a modest win or a small loss, the red cards had a much bigger payout with an equally dramatic loss. So much so that if you wanted to win eventually, you needed to turn over blue cards only. How long did it take people to figure out the pattern? After 50 cards, people started getting a hunch, and after 80 cards, almost everyone had figured the pattern out.
Here is the interesting part: The researchers measured the participants’ skin conductance. Our sweat glands become active when we are stressed, changing the skin’s physical properties. Interestingly, skin conductance changed already after the 10th card!

That suggests that while we make a decision, our body has already made a judgement that our conscious mind is not aware of.

This also means that people make a quick judgement based on the clothing or costume you wear.

And it’s not only other people who react differently to you – you yourself will feel different when you wear certain clothing. In a recent study, participants that wore a scientists or doctor’s coat could focus better and were more attentive to timed tasks than those that wore a painter’s coat.

And from my own experience, I know that when I have my lab coat on, I automatically become more focused and “business-like” or “professional”. And just safety goggles alone are not enough!

Uniforms Lab Goggles
Goggle alone won’t cut it – you also need to wear a lab coat

#1 – Lab Coat

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You Think I’m Funny? Funny How? 11 Times I Laughed Out Loud

11 times I laughed out loud. Let’s introduce this article with one of the greatest scenes in movie history – Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci in “Goodfellas”, including a hilarious stare down:

We should laugh and enjoy life more often (even though the scene above ends a bit gory)!

Thus, without further ado, here are my 11 favorite funny scenes and moments.

#1 – The Office

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