Staircase wit: Ten words of wisdom that are actually sentences

How often does that happen to us? We are in a discussion, someone makes a comment and we would really like to counter the argument… but of course, in the heat of the moment, words elude us.

In the past, I would just take that as “given”. I thought you had to be a born “smart-ass” to outwit the others.

Having a great response to any argument, though, is a skill you can learn.

It works best if you take the statement or criticism somebody made at face value, just assume you agree, run with it and then turn it up a notch. Accept and exaggerate.

Often, these responses can actually improve bonding between people. If they have a sense of humor. If not, they are not worth befriending anyway. This is serious business! Don’t you agree, my friend?

So becoming a good comedian takes time. Decades! But being just a little bit funny can nicely break the ice (this is the point where you either smile and agree with me or leave me while thinking about dumping a whole wall of ice on me). 

Are you still there?

Great, because here is my list with witty comebacks and statements… possibly inspiring you to craft your own responses, if your mind normally stays empty.

Staircase Wit behind this curve
The joke is just waiting behind this bend

#1 – “Yes, you already made that observation before.” – “See? Must have been a good observation then.”

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Ten Add-On Features For Cars

Modern cars are full of electronics so much so that a car is just a computer with a car app on it now. Or rather a computer “with a bunch of metal wrapped around it“, according to James Altucher.

And we will have soon the first self-driving cars, with a whole host of philosophical implications, both positive as well as negative.

One idea in the book “Become an Idea Machine” was to be able to vibrate the frame, so that snow could be shaken of easily instead of having to scrap the car free by hand.

This invention would come especially handy now that the winter is upon us, at least in the Northeast of the US. Here are some more!

Features For Cars Car in Snow
Imagine you could just melt the snow away.

#1 – Heatable metal frame

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11 answers to everything in the Universe – in just ONE WORD

The book “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” says the answer is “42”.

You could also say “now”. Because everything happens “now”. The rest is just projections or regrets.

Here are eleven more words that contain the “Essence of the Universe”.

Milky Way Atacama
European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) on Cerro Paranal in the Chilean Atacama desert. The two distinct bright patches seen here in the night sky are the Large and Small Magellanic clouds, with the Milky Way itself on the left of the image.

#1 – Presence.

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