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    Viva Las Vegas! 10 Reasons For And 10 Against Spending Time in Vegas

    I have been to Las Vegas for a week back in 2006, which was great fun. Shows, casinos – yes, it can be fun to gamble “for real” – roller coasters (the one on “New York, New York” is great) and a visit to the Grand Canyon were the highlights.

    Next time, I’ll probably explore nature a bit more.

    Everyone should go to Las Vegas at least once in his or her lifetime.

    Mike Cernovich has a great podcast about actually living in Vegas for a while.

    Definitely check that out, it touches on some additional aspects about networking and making connections.

    Las Vegas New York New York

    Viva Las Vegas!

    #1 – Dating and hooking up


    Ten Ways To Prepare To Meet Your Mentor

    “My son ask for thyself another
    Kingdom, for that which I leave
    is too small for thee”
    (King Philip of Macedonia – 339 B.C.)

    Isn’t that a great mentor? Very motivational… And his student – in this case his son – executed beautifully.

    I learnt that quote from the Iron Maiden song ‘Alexander The Great’, by the way. It always stuck in my mind. Why? Because it truly shows you much a mentor can help you “think big”.

    How can you meet the “mentor of your dreams”? Of course, you could just walk up at a conference and introduce yourself. Cold.

    That will be successful. In about 1 out of 1,000 attempts. Maybe more.

    Even if you are successful though, the time may be wasted, because it comes out of the blue.

    Your coveted mentor may not have enough time, you have to first explain how why you would talk to him or her, and most importantly: despite a few compliments, you can really not give much of value yourself.

    So be well prepared. A great mentor can give you a huge boost in success and reveal a significant shortcut in your work and career.

    And as with any “overnight success event” in life comes a long time of preparation beforehand.

    James Altucher also covers some ideas about mentors on a recent post about reinventing yourself.

    And here is a guest post on Bold and Determined that tells you how to – well – get people to do what you want 😉

    Meet Your Mentor Military

    A mentor can show you the way if you are respectful and listen.

    #1 – Read all his books, his websites etc.


    11 Points That Make Talent Happen

    Is talent a gift?

    Claudia Altucher in her book ‘Become an Idea Machine‘ doesn’t think so, but I have sort of a mixed opinion about it.

    I used to think it’s only about the work you put in, and there are actually cases where people just learn a skill by spending 10,000 hours of practise on it.

    Malcolm Gladwell talks about this in his book “Outliers” – the Polgar sisters became Hungarian chess grandmasters just by training chess with their father for 10,000 hours.

    However, I do believe that somebody who is more talented will always outscore someone who is less talented if he or she works the same amount.

    The ability to make connections between nerves and muscles or within the brain, a certain bone structure conducive to specific activities and so on are simply factors that are predetermined through genetics.

    If the difference is blatant, I believe the talented person does not need to put ANY work in to get to the same level that the untalented person achieves after putting 50,000 hours of work in.

    I do believe greatness comes from a combination of talent and work ethic.

    If you are less talented, you can always outwork a lazy talented person.

    That’s why lots of talented people underperform.

    Rest assured though that in times of pressure, the talented will always come out on top.

    Talents Maslow Pyramid

    Maslow’s Pyramid Of Needs

    #1 – Pressure.


    10 Items That Can Take Us The Longest To Understand

    There are things that we accept as God-given, but are simply not so.

    Like, for example, the fact that the Earth does not revolve around the Sun, but both revolve around a common barycenter that is close to, but not completely, within the center of the Sun:

    Longest to Understand Earth Sun

    Scheme of Earth and Sun. The barycenter is the red ‘+’.

    Sometimes these things take us a while to understand.

    Longest to Understand Money

    The money we get is a reflection of the value we give.

    #1 – The more value you give, the more money you get. This can hurt!