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    Becoming an Idea Machine

    This page gives an overview about all the different posts I wrote to becoming an Idea Machine. Each of these posts talks about 10 ideas or more for one specific problem.

    The original idea for the Idea Machine Challenge is from Claudai Azula Altucher’s book “Become an Idea Machine.” You can read about it here.

    I am adding 3 – 5 new sets of 10+ ideas each week, so keep looking out for those on my blog. In the meantime, here are the topics I have talked about so far.

    Gratitude and reflexion

    Idea Machine Neural Correlates

    Areas in the brain active when expressing gratitude

    10 Hard Gratitude Problems.

    13 Opportunities to Sit Back And Close Your Eyes

    15 Advanced Ways To Be Grateful

    11 Times I Laughed Out Loud

    16 Funny Answers For 3rd Graders

    12 Reasons Why Adults Laugh Less Than Children

    How To Come Up With 102 Items To Be Grateful For

    10 Words Of Wisdom To Take To Heart

    12 Crazy Ideas

    How To Reframe 10 Common Excuses


    Habits and Self-Improvement

    Idea Machine Motivation

    Motivation is the first step to self-improvement

    10 Items To Donate, Toss Or Repurpose

    10 Maneuvers To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    10 Items I Forsake Myself… And 2 I Never Avoid

    How To Let Go Of Regrets

    11 Ways To Improve Your Work

    10 Things You Could Do If You Were 17 Again

    10 Potential Mentors And One Question You Could Ask Each One Of Them

    10 Items That Can Take Us The Longest To Understand

    11 Points That Make Talent Happen

    12 Ways In Which Ideas Are The New Currency

    How To Be Motivated To Write 10 Ideas

    15 Ways To Become More Resilient


    Reading, Learning and Philosophy

    Idea Machine Apotheosis of Homer

    The Apotheosis of Homer (Ingres)

    13 Ideas For Coursera Classes

    16 Great Books And What You Can Learn From Them

    14 Iconic Movies That Can Leave A Deep Impression On Us

    13 Questions For Max-Delbrück, Physicist Turned Biologist

    10 Strategies To Develop New Ideas

    10 Lines That Make You Wonder, And Why

    Idea Sex: Join Your Favorite Books And Quotes

    10 Interesting Questions On Quora

    10 Ideas For Independent Films

    10 Words Of Wisdom That Are Actually Sentences

    11 Answers To Everything In The Universe – In Just ONE Word


    Finances and Career

    Idea Machine Benjamin

    Bring On The Benjamins

    12 Ideas To Generate Passive Income Within The Next 3 Months

    10 Businesses Kids Could Do That Are Not Lemonade Stands

    15 Companies We Frequently Use That Are On The Stock Exchange

    11 Ideas To Improve Your Ad

    11 Business Ideas That Benefit The Elder

    12 Ideas To Get More Out Of Your Dollar


    Friends and Other People

    Idea Machine Dog Human Friend

    Soon, the man will donate his thumb to the dog’s paw

    13 Meetups You Could Start In Your Area

    18 Ways You Can Connect To Others

    14 People That Made An Impact In My Life And Why

    10 Uniforms You Could Wear Just To Observe Reactions

    10 Simple Card Games

    10 Ways To Surprise A Friend Or Loved One

    16 Lasting Memories For Christmas And Beyond

    10 Ways To Prepare To Meet Your Mentor


    Health and Fitness

    Idea Machine Asclepius

    Asclepius – the dude with the snake that is on every pharmacy sign

    10 New Yoga Poses You Could Create

    14 Ideas To Improve Your Physical Exercise

    11 Ways To Improve Your Sleep



    Idea Machine Ink

    Feather and Ink

    15 Ideas For Investigative Reports

    10 Books To Write Before Leaving To Another Planet


    Software and Electronics

    Idea Machine Apple 1st Model

    Your iPhone, beginning of 1980s

    11 Apps That Would Be Great To Have.

    10 Ideas For Smart Fridges

    10 Add-On Features For Cars


    Cooking and Home Improvement

    Idea Machine Apples

    Apples are not exclusively used for computing

    10 Ideas For New Receipes

    10 Arguments Pro And Contra Aromatherapy


    Travel and Languages

    Idea Machine Le Mans

    Le Mans Cathedral

    13 Ways To Make Air Travel Easier.

    12 Ways To Improve Travelling In Economy Class

    10 Cities Worth Visiting

    10 Reasons For And Against Spending Time In Vegas

    10 New Spanish Words

    Image Sources

    Gratitude: Fox et al. 2015. Neural Correlates Of Gratitude. Front. Psychol. 6: 1491.

    Writing: Anneli Karlsson

    All photos taken from Wikimedia commons.