Ripley’s World: The First Steps To More Money, Part II

How do I turn my situation into more?

If you’ve actively read my last post – “actively” does not mean to skim it over and think to yourself “great idea” or “stupid article” – then you have a fundament and maybe a new understanding for your financial situation. Many people who have written a book about their life, a serious illness, a distressing personal situation that had accompanied them for a long time, about financial problems or drug addiction, mention afterwards that writing helped them to process these issues. For the first time, they had lined up everything in a clear structure.

When I was starting my training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), it was similar for me (to learn more about this topic, click here). I was already aware of most of what NLP taught me, I had just never put it together for myself. To see connections in a specific order – a schedule for life, if you wish – adds another perspective and opens up new possibilities.

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