Staircase wit: Ten words of wisdom that are actually sentences

How often does that happen to us? We are in a discussion, someone makes a comment and we would really like to counter the argument… but of course, in the heat of the moment, words elude us.

In the past, I would just take that as “given”. I thought you had to be a born “smart-ass” to outwit the others.

Having a great response to any argument, though, is a skill you can learn.

It works best if you take the statement or criticism somebody made at face value, just assume you agree, run with it and then turn it up a notch. Accept and exaggerate.

Often, these responses can actually improve bonding between people. If they have a sense of humor. If not, they are not worth befriending anyway. This is serious business! Don’t you agree, my friend?

So becoming a good comedian takes time. Decades! But being just a little bit funny can nicely break the ice (this is the point where you either smile and agree with me or leave me while thinking about dumping a whole wall of ice on me). 

Are you still there?

Great, because here is my list with witty comebacks and statements… possibly inspiring you to craft your own responses, if your mind normally stays empty.

Staircase Wit behind this curve
The joke is just waiting behind this bend

#1 – “Yes, you already made that observation before.” – “See? Must have been a good observation then.”

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Ten Add-On Features For Cars

Modern cars are full of electronics so much so that a car is just a computer with a car app on it now. Or rather a computer “with a bunch of metal wrapped around it“, according to James Altucher.

And we will have soon the first self-driving cars, with a whole host of philosophical implications, both positive as well as negative.

One idea in the book “Become an Idea Machine” was to be able to vibrate the frame, so that snow could be shaken of easily instead of having to scrap the car free by hand.

This invention would come especially handy now that the winter is upon us, at least in the Northeast of the US. Here are some more!

Features For Cars Car in Snow
Imagine you could just melt the snow away.

#1 – Heatable metal frame

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11 answers to everything in the Universe – in just ONE WORD

The book “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” says the answer is “42”.

You could also say “now”. Because everything happens “now”. The rest is just projections or regrets.

Here are eleven more words that contain the “Essence of the Universe”.

Milky Way Atacama
European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) on Cerro Paranal in the Chilean Atacama desert. The two distinct bright patches seen here in the night sky are the Large and Small Magellanic clouds, with the Milky Way itself on the left of the image.

#1 – Presence.

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15 Ways To Become More Resilient

“Resilience” refers to the ability to recoil or spring back into shape after bending or stretching.

One way of becoming more resilient is to fast one random day of the week – so your body becomes more aware of what you are eating.

A lot of these points are part of Victor Pride’s 30 Days of Discipline.

Here are some ideas, based on my own experience.

More Resilient 5 am
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. – Benjamin Franklin

#1 – Get up at 5 am.

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How To Reframe 10 Common Excuses

We often hear them from others.

We also, unfortunately, hear them from ourselves.

Common excuses. “I don’t have time” or “I am not flexible”. I probably have used them myself all the time!

Excuses prevent us to do what we need to do in the moment or what we want to do in the future.

However, when we spot these excuses, we can reframe them into something powerful.

The following list contains ten excuses we commonly hear, including a short-term and long-term comeback.

Why long-term comeback? Because every excuse could mean that there is a very basic problem.

When I constantly don’t find the time to do something, maybe I am avoiding it altogether.

On the long-term, neither me nor you should do anything we hate.

Common Excuses No Time
This is what it means to have no time.

#1 – I don’t have time.

The conductor in my youth orchestra used to quip: “None of us has time.”

And it’s true! People who use this phrase usually do have time to watch their favorite TV show.

Or they use their time to have long interactions with others.

This may actually mean that they have no love for what they are doing and should think about switching. To a profession where they can interact with more people.

So the general comeback to “I don’t have time” is:

“If your favorite show on TV came up or your best friend stopped by, you would have time indeed.”

The long-term answer is:

“Reshift your priorities. Get your duties out of the way as early as possible in the day, then follow with what you like to do.”

If you organize your time into blocks as much as possible, you will reduce the transition times between different activities, which are the real time-killers.

#2 – I just don’t have the energy.

That’s a copout.

“If a lion pursued you right now, somebody tried to rob you or your kid was in trouble, you’d have all the energy in the world.”

There is also a long-term answer:

“Schedule your most important activities for the time of the day you are most productive (outlined in The ONE Thing).

Avoid activities that waste your energy – don’t drink too much, don’t stay up too late, don’t stay in touch with people that are draining the soul out of you.”

#3 – I am not as good as ‘person X’

That’s an unfortunate statement.

Because it reaffirms to yourself that you can’t grow.

It also focuses on scarcity – it emphasizes a lack in your level of proficiency.

So the quick answer to that statement is:

“Even person X had to start somewhere.”

The long-term answer is:

“You are yourself, and you are enough. Put one step in front of the other, it does not matter how you are compared to X.

It only matters how you are compared to last week. Is your life going up or down?”

If it is going up, never fret. Keep the pace for the next 10 years and you shall be golden.

#4 – I could not foresee ‘event X’

This is often used to blame responsibility on something outside our control.

First of all, anyone who uses this phrase has my partial sympathy, because at least he or she does not blame another man or woman. Which is also often easy to do.

However… suggesting that X was unexpected just means that you did not plan for contingencies.

So the fast comeback here is:

“Me neither, since I am not a psychic, yet I am here.”

The long-term comeback – which, as I said, is more of a response to yourself than to someone else – is:

“Next time include ‘event X’ in your planning.”

Chris from Good Looking Loser has a great article about this type of excuse.

He was waiting for an important package and almost missed it because it was delivered much earlier than he thought. Always be prepared.

#5 – I had to first do X before working on our project (or any other item)

This can be a quite reasonable statement. Yet it can also be used as a cheap excuse.

And it tells the other person that X takes precedent over their project, which is not always a smart thing to do.

Sure – an emergency like a broken pipe will force you to stay home and deal with it. Just don’t use it as an excuse.

The general reply here is:

“If you have to do X instead of our project, I will ask/hire someone who has more time.”

Longer-term reply:

“Rethink your priorities and make sure you can finish the job you were asked to do.”

#6 – I’m not an expert.

People who say that are experts indeed specializing in copping out.

Easy reply:

“If only an expert can do a job properly, society would not exist.”

Long-term reply:

“You don’t really need to be an expert. If you put in 100 hours of work and practise, you’ll probably be better than 90% of people out there.”

Learning something to get to a specific result may even take little more than 20 hours.

In addition, being above average in several disciplines can lead to being among the top 5%.

Let’s say you are above average (e.g. 60% – only 40% of people will be better than you) in terms of personal style, body fat, social anxiety/social skills, disposable income and maybe in one hobby.

That will actually put you into the top 1% (100% – 40% ^ 5) of all people. Without the need to be perfect in any one area.

I learnt the tenet of being “above average” from Good Looking Loser.

The site “GLL – Get A Life” or its slightly NSFW version have great advice in terms of fitness, style, dating and social life.

#7 – I’m not dressed well enough

This excuse often comes from people with a scarcity mindset – they are worried about how they come across to other people.

So that way, they are setting themselves up for failure.

So right away, my answer would be:

“Dressing perfect will not make you rich either – so let’s go ahead anyway.”

Long-term answer is:

“(1.) Go around with dishevelled clothes on purpose and see what the precise impact is – probably next to nothing.
(2.) Arrange your life so you are able to take care of dress, money and apartment in the future.”

Strive for looking good, but don’t tie your self-worth to your appearance.

#8 – It’s too hard.

My reply:

“Great! That’s your reason to do it.”

I talked about that already in a previous post about reframing.

The long-term reply is similar.

“Gravitate to where it’s hard, because that’s where growth will occur.”

#9 – That’s not who I am

This is an extension of #3, and might at least be halfway legit.

If you have the above sentence as a statement for your life’s vision, it may be ok. But be very careful.

I see people all the time being ‘who they are not’ once there is a proper incentive behind it.

If they see a golden nugget on top of a wall, I wager people can become ‘climbers’ pretty fast.

People have an amazing ability to change with the right incentive.

For that reason, I always take statements like “I am not like that” with a grain of salt.

So the immediate reply is:

“If that was my concern, I would have asked somebody else to do the job.”


“Do you really believe that? Would you still believe it if it had a clearer benefit for you?”

#10 – I don’t know how to do it.

Again, a copout – people hide behind their ignorance.

The general reply is reminscent of point #9 above:

“If there was a clump of Gold sitting on top of a building, you’d find ways to pick it up without ‘knowing how’.”

Long-term answer:

“Sometimes the most successful people get it done because they don’t know it’s impossible.”

#11 – Bonus: My panda ate my homework.

Common Excuses Panda Bear
No, this guy did not eat your homework. The other one might have, though.

Short term:

Pandas have better things to do than eating homework. That’s what hamsters do.


Let your panda know next time he does eat your homework, he has to do it for you.

you want to check out “Become an Idea Machine”, you can do so here.

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What are some common excuses you encounter?

How do you deal with excuses?

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments below!

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How to be motivated to write 10 ideas

That’s a good one, even though I personally almost always want to do them. Because I discovered writing as a passion. Maybe that’s the key. Make every effort to love what you do.

Disregard “do what you love”. If you do that, you will be productive in any situation.

One way to keep on going on days you really don’t want to is to announce on twitter that you are about to write down your ideas. Another way is having a buddy around.

Here is a list of 11 other ideas that could work for you to get you motivated to do anything. I hope they are useful for you! Workout, talking to people when you don’t feel like talking, gratitude habit…

How to be motivated Sloth
Sometimes eating leafs seems to be the best idea around

#1 – Just focus on the first step.

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10 New Spanish Words

So this was a somewhat odd exercise from “Become an Idea Machine”, yet I liked it:

Because I have never had to be so creative.

The exercise was to find 10 new word creations in Spanish.

And I barely speak any Spanish! I do speak German. Fluently. Doing this exercise in German would not be any challenge.

So I have to use a dictionary. This is what I will do:
I think about two different German or English words.
I translate them into Spanish.
I put both Spanish words together to create a new word.

Today will prove that you don’t even need to speak a language to create new words in it (as long as you have a dictionary)!

Or it will be a complete failure. A failure that we had fun bringing about. So either case, we win.

Spanish Words BMW Isetta
Yes, that’s a BMW too – and a hell of a fun one to drive at that! Name is Isetta, and the whole front is a door that opens.

#1 – Deleitrigir

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12 Crazy Ideas

Last time, I talked about how ideas are the new currency.

Now, let’s hear some crazy ideas!

In “Become an Idea Machine”, Claudia Altucher talks about a microwave that works on the outside.

Or the simple notion that people just stopped complaining and took charge of their own lives instead. Crazy, right?

Crazy Ideas Christmas In Summer
How about Christmas In summer?

#1 – Christmas celebration in summer.

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Twelve Ways In Which Ideas Are The New Currency

Money is valuable, because we can exchange it directly without further effort on our part.

It gives us immediate access – to important people, medical supplies and treatment, nice houses, cars and other gadgets.

How do you make money? By starting a business and selling a product. Or by working for somebody else as an employee.

These routes are nowadays changed. Being an employee is riskier and riskier, since corporations usually don’t keep people forever.

And starting a business is easier than ever.

In the past, that process required more than just an idea. You needed money to pay the rent for a brick and mortar business.

So you needed investors – and thus, they had the power to elevate or bury your entrepreneurial dreams.

Nowadays though, you can start an online business with about $100 – $200/year.

To develop a product and start a business, money has lost its importance. Now truly the better idea wins.

Now, ideas are cheap!, you may say. Yes. If by ideas you mean ‘spontaneous thoughts’, then you probably think of the same thing everyone else is thinking.

If you come up with 10 ideas a day though, you will realize that it becomes considerably harder after the first 1 – 3 thoughts that drop into your mind.

And that is when ideas become really valuable and give you an advantage. They start replacing money as currency.

What are twelve ways in which ideas are a new form of currency?

Ideas Are The New Currency No Die
Ideas are valuable. Don’t let them die.

#1 – If we can think it, we can do it.

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