Your Wishes At The Tip Of A Button: 11 Apps That Would Be Great To Have

We live in amazing times. Almost anything we want, there is an app or application somewhere. If I listened to my iTunes library, it would take me three months of non-stop listening to get through all my songs and podcasts once. I still remember when CDs came up. I had to save up $20 to get a CD with 10 songs. One hour of recording. We now truly live in abundance!

And how have all these innovations come about? Software. Computers have become so powerful that you can serve literally any desire with a program.

Is that because computers are so omnipresent and powerful, or because we have adopted our lives to fit into a computerized platform? Hmmm…

Whatever it may be, apps can be great tools. And this is what day 2 in “Become an Idea Machine” is about…

11 Apps That Could Solve A Problem You Have.

Here is the list. I will also provide some ideas to take the first step. I can’t just say “a time machine” without coming up with at least some specifics how to make this invention happen. Otherwise, the ideas are just speculation and wishful thinking.

#1 – An app that projects phone callers’ images in 3D.

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How to be grateful: 10 hard gratitude problems

And we are on our way!

We are talking about Gratitude. The first challenge in “Become an Idea Machine” is to…

Solve 10 Hard Gratitude Problems.

This is to stop complaining about things we don’t like and instead recognize the possibilities of being thankful in what we normally see as a negative.

Mike Cernovich has similarly devoted a complete chapter of Gorilla Mindset to this reframing problem.

Here is my list of 10 things I don’t like, turning them into opportunities I can be grateful for.

1. I am grateful for long commutes…

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