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    NoNothingNovember 2015: What Can You Learn From One Vice-Free Week?

    First week done.

    As I mentioned in my introduction to NoNothingNovember 2015, I was going to let go of three vices: online distractions, sleeping in and eating sweets and snacks. I also vowed to work at least an hour on this blog per day and publish one blog post per week.

    Unlike last year, where I updated my progress daily on this blog, I chose to write those posts on Reddit and then only use my blog to provide weekly updates.

    Several of the habits that I am following for NoNothingNovember are also part of Victor Pride’s “30 Days of Discipline”.

    NoNothingNovember Purple Rain

    No online distractions


    NoNothingNovember, 2015 Edition

    Welcome back.

    Last year in November, I took part in a challenge called NoNothingNovember. You let go of three of your vices for a whole month. Why that? Aren’t those vices not part of why we enjoy life? Drugs, alcohol, sweets, sleeping in… watching TV, funny YouTube videos, video games, even pornography – and don’t forget staying in the loop on Social Media and being updated on our friends’ progress.

    At one point all these distractions change from enriching our lives to controlling our lives. We are not living our life because we have a purpose. The distractions, our vices, provide that purpose. We don’t live a self-determined life anymore.

    How do we gain that control back?


    A Look Back at NoNothingNovember

    I recently had an eMail exchange with the author of Goldmund Unleashed. He had some good points and primers to ask of the NoNothingNovember challenge – here are the questions and my answers.

    It’s a bit early to see whether NoNothingNovember has had a long-term impact on my life (even though it has changed my life like few things before), but with a couple of days gone by, I can take a first review.

    #1 – What were my biggest takeaways?

    a) It took me 3 weeks to get all my vices out of my system.

    While I did reward myself with some Christmas candy for completing the challenge, I am getting back into my NoNothingNovember schedule.


    NoNothingNovember, Day 30

    The Grand Finale!

    What a great month it has been.

    Some days were hard. Especially in the beginning.

    But overall, I gained so many good experiences – and confidence in myself that I can handle any change in my behavior.

    The biggest takeaway for me: It is possible to live a life that is true and honest to what I REALLY want.

    I have many vices I want to change. I chose the ones for NoNothingNovember for a specific reason.

    To stop reacting and start ACTING.


    NoNothingNovember, Day 29

    Fearing what I write…

    … once again, I have written an article I was afraid to write.

    I needed a long time to get going.

    Talking to your friends about something is one thing.

    Speaking up to people that might be offended by what you write and leave is different.

    That was a new experience for me. But reason enough to do it. Because that’s me.

    For my homework assignment in Science Writing class, I chose to write about “Shirt Storm”.


    NoNothingNovember, Day 27


     Time flies by!

    November is almost over.

    It has been pretty interesting so far:

    #1 – It seems true that you need 3 weeks to ingrain a habit – since day 22/23, I don’t feel a big urge to take part in my vices anymore.

    #2 – I have started to build up this blog.

    #3 – I have even admitted something I feared (


    I feel I have definitely grown this month, and NoNothingNovember was a great thing to do.