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    How to be motivated to write 10 ideas

    That’s a good one, even though I personally almost always want to do them. Because I discovered writing as a passion. Maybe that’s the key. Make every effort to love what you do.

    Disregard “do what you love”. If you do that, you will be productive in any situation.

    One way to keep on going on days you really don’t want to is to announce on twitter that you are about to write down your ideas. Another way is having a buddy around.

    Here is a list of 11 other ideas that could work for you to get you motivated to do anything. I hope they are useful for you! Workout, talking to people when you don’t feel like talking, gratitude habit…

    How to be motivated Sloth

    Sometimes eating leafs seems to be the best idea around

    #1 – Just focus on the first step.


    10 New Spanish Words

    So this was a somewhat odd exercise from “Become an Idea Machine”, yet I liked it:

    Because I have never had to be so creative.

    The exercise was to find 10 new word creations in Spanish.

    And I barely speak any Spanish! I do speak German. Fluently. Doing this exercise in German would not be any challenge.

    So I have to use a dictionary. This is what I will do:
    I think about two different German or English words.
    I translate them into Spanish.
    I put both Spanish words together to create a new word.

    Today will prove that you don’t even need to speak a language to create new words in it (as long as you have a dictionary)!

    Or it will be a complete failure. A failure that we had fun bringing about. So either case, we win.

    Spanish Words BMW Isetta

    Yes, that’s a BMW too – and a hell of a fun one to drive at that! Name is Isetta, and the whole front is a door that opens.

    #1 – Deleitrigir


    12 Crazy Ideas

    Last time, I talked about how ideas are the new currency.

    Now, let’s hear some crazy ideas!

    In “Become an Idea Machine”, Claudia Altucher talks about a microwave that works on the outside.

    Or the simple notion that people just stopped complaining and took charge of their own lives instead. Crazy, right?

    Crazy Ideas Christmas In Summer

    How about Christmas In summer?

    #1 – Christmas celebration in summer.


    Twelve Ways In Which Ideas Are The New Currency

    Money is valuable, because we can exchange it directly without further effort on our part.

    It gives us immediate access – to important people, medical supplies and treatment, nice houses, cars and other gadgets.

    How do you make money? By starting a business and selling a product. Or by working for somebody else as an employee.

    These routes are nowadays changed. Being an employee is riskier and riskier, since corporations usually don’t keep people forever.

    And starting a business is easier than ever.

    In the past, that process required more than just an idea. You needed money to pay the rent for a brick and mortar business.

    So you needed investors – and thus, they had the power to elevate or bury your entrepreneurial dreams.

    Nowadays though, you can start an online business with about $100 – $200/year.

    To develop a product and start a business, money has lost its importance. Now truly the better idea wins.

    Now, ideas are cheap!, you may say. Yes. If by ideas you mean ‘spontaneous thoughts’, then you probably think of the same thing everyone else is thinking.

    If you come up with 10 ideas a day though, you will realize that it becomes considerably harder after the first 1 – 3 thoughts that drop into your mind.

    And that is when ideas become really valuable and give you an advantage. They start replacing money as currency.

    What are twelve ways in which ideas are a new form of currency?

    Ideas Are The New Currency No Die

    Ideas are valuable. Don’t let them die.

    #1 – If we can think it, we can do it.


    Viva Las Vegas! 10 Reasons For And 10 Against Spending Time in Vegas

    I have been to Las Vegas for a week back in 2006, which was great fun. Shows, casinos – yes, it can be fun to gamble “for real” – roller coasters (the one on “New York, New York” is great) and a visit to the Grand Canyon were the highlights.

    Next time, I’ll probably explore nature a bit more.

    Everyone should go to Las Vegas at least once in his or her lifetime.

    Mike Cernovich has a great podcast about actually living in Vegas for a while.

    Definitely check that out, it touches on some additional aspects about networking and making connections.

    Las Vegas New York New York

    Viva Las Vegas!

    #1 – Dating and hooking up