How To Cook Creatively: 10 Ideas For New Receipes

This reminds me back of high-school. I attended cooking classes. Which basically meant to get together one afternoon to listen to a talk about minerals. vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats etc., then try out some new recipes and then eat afterwards. Yes. We learnt that in Germany.

And by the way, I also learnt to knit and crochet. I was better in it than in school sports. Embarrassing? Only if you assume you cannot use a knitting needle to fight… but I digest.

Which brings us to today’s topic. New ideas for recipes. They can’t be something I have done before. They must have at least some new creation.

As such, I have never tried the recipes out that I am telling you about. I imagine though that they must taste delicious, and in most cases they build on existing, proven recipes.

So have fun becoming inspired and maybe trying them out for yourself! I heard the mulled wine is really good.

Cook Creatively Potatoe Fritter
Just imagine a tomato sauce with it.

#1 – Potato Fritters with Tomato and Mozzarella

Normally, people eat potato fritters with apple sauce.

Since I love tomatoes and mozzarella, I thought why not make a tomato-mozzarella sauce instead?

Grate 1 pound potatoes and mix with 1 – 2 eggs, 1 tbsp flour and some salt and pepper.

The less eggs you use, the fluffier the fritters will be. Fry the fritter dough in a pan with hot oil.

At the same time heat 1 can of tomato sauce and a few slices of mozzarella until the cheese is melted.

Serve warm with the fritters and enjoy!

#2 – Bacon Wrapped Potato Fritters

Cook Creatively Bacon Fritter
Just imagine potato fritter instead of the chicken…

For this recipe, you simply prepare the potato batter as described in #1 above and roll them into a sphere – then wrap a slice of bacon around them and put them into the oven for about 30 – 60 minutes at 400 ºF.

You can add a little bit of chicken broth to while baking so the fritters don’t become too dry.

This recipe is based on the conditions for a bacon-wrapped potato cake.

#3 – Salty peanuts/pistachios, caramelized

Cook Creatively Roasted
Instead of almonds, think salted pistachios

Sweet and salty is an interesting combination.

We all know roasted almonds from the annual fair. How about putting a caramel crust around something a bit saltier, like pistachios or peanuts?

For this recipe, you need to caramelize sugar. Mix 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar and 1 drop of lemon juice and warm it under continuous stirring until the water starts boiling.

Sugar melts at 320 ºF. When you heat up a water-sugar mix and the sugar melts, the mix will be transparent and colourless. Once the water boils, stop stirring and carefully let it simmer. Watch the color of the water-sugar syrup turn brown and take the pot off the plate when it starts to become brownish darker. Sugar can easily burn, so be careful.

The whole process is described in this article.

When the syrup starts browning, you can add the pistachios or peanuts.

Once the syrup-nut mix has started to cool down, you can spread the pistachios/peanuts on a baking rack or dish and let it further cool.

#4 – Mulled pears

Cook Creatively Mulled Wine
Don’t serve your mulled wine in real shoes though.

I love mulled wine around Christmas. It’s an old German tradition.

For a summerly fruit punch, you normally soak fruits in vodka and then serve the mix. How about soaking fruit in mulled wine?

For the mulled wine, heat:
1 litre red wine;
2 sliced oranges;
juice from 2 oranges;
7 cloves;
2 cinnamon sticks;
a little bit of anise (I think “Chinese Four-Spice” works as well);
without letting it boil.

Add ¼ cup rum and ¼ cup brown sugar, maybe more – depending on taste.

Heat up until everything is dissolved.

Congratulations, you can now serve hot mulled wine!

That’s part one.

Part two is to quarter some pears or peaches and let them soak in mulled wine. For one – two days.

Then fry them in a pan to caramelize the sugar – as described in #6 below – or simply heat them up in an oven or microwave and enjoy…

#5 – Sweet potatoes with bacon-wrapped chicken (maybe orange-ginger sauce)

Cook Creatively Chicken Bacon
Chicken Fried Bacon

First of all, caramelized potatoes are delicious.

Cook one pound of small potatoes. Let them cool down and peel them.

Then, heat them up in a pan with oil until the potatoes start to fry. Add sugar to the pan and continue to fry it, the potatoes will soak up the sugar and get a nice brown crust.

That’s how you caramelize potatoes.

You can then serve them with bacon-wrapped chicken in an orange-ginger sauce, possibly also containing cranberry juice. Salt-sweet-dry. Here is a good recipe for bacon wrapped chicken, and this is how you do an orange-ginger sauce.

#6 – Caramelized fruit salad with hot chocolate

Cut pears and/or peaches into quarters and melt some butter in a non-stick pan.

While the butter is melting, add the fruit and sauté them until they sizzle. This recipe describes how.

Once the fruit is caramelized, you can mix them with blueberries, melt confectioners chocolate and pour it over them. Dark chocolate with a low amount of sugar is actually quite healthy.

#7 – Bacon-steak-pineapple bites

Cut meat into small pieces and fry them in a pan. Then, fry bacon strips in the pan.

You can now take a can of pineapple (or fresh pineapple), wrap the fried bacon around pieces of the steak and pineapple and fix the rolls with a wooden stick. Enjoy the bites! This probably makes a good party recipe.

#8 – Salad with steak and anchovies

You could have normal salad, add a few fresh and crisp vegetables like carrots and bell peppers. Add walnuts or almonds. Maybe even raw Brussel sprouts or asparagus. Whatever is your favorite mix.

Then you put in steak pieces together with anchovies. It gives you an interesting mix of salty and fresh.

If you feel very experimental, add a sweet dressing, like cranberry juice mixed with oil and vinegar (or even balsamic vinegar).

#9 – Vanilla or chocolate ice cream with caramelized pears or peaches

You basically cut an apple into pieces and caramelize it as described above. Then, you mix the fruit pieces with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. You can round up the flavor in an interesting way using cinnamon.

#10 – Chocolate milk with ginger and chili

Cook Creatively Chocolate Milk
Just add rum and we are good!

This is a great recipe, because you can modify it to suit your needs. Ginger and chili give the chocolate a distinctly hot flavor.

(a) If your diet is low in carbohydrates, you can take chocolate flavored protein-powder in almond milk. It’s delicious. The powder I use – the “Oh yeah! Chocolate” powder is described in here.

(b) You can make hot cocoa. Not sure if you could heat up protein powder as well, but worth a try.

(c) If you are feeling frisky, you can add some rum to your hot chocolate!

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