How To Educate Yourself: 13 Ideas For Coursera Classes

We live in amazing times. Whatever we don’t know, we can simply teach ourselves from Udemy or Coursera. Which courses or classes would be interesting? Maybe seminars that you could even assemble? Victor Pride’s 30 Days Of Discipline is an example, which John Shea has made into a course. If you have the knowledge and the willingness to invest the time, you could first learn a new profession yourself, then teach it to others.

This is Day 4 of the “Become an Idea Machine” challenge.

13 Coursera classes that would be great to have…

… and what they have in their curriculum. Back to school!

Coursera Florian

#1 – Go-cart driving.

Acceleration, deceleration, how to get through curves properly, how to overtake another cart, how to let go of your fear to drive faster, how much force to use relative to a steering wheel etc. As a bonus, it would have suggestions how to pick a good cart track, how to avoid peak hours when everyone wants to drive etc.

#2 – Genealogy.

Where do you get the documents that help you reconstruct your ancestry? How do you use search engines online, which are the best keywords to use?How do you use old documents and microfiche? Are there laws that you need to know to inquire more? How to talk to ancient relatives that have never heard about you. Also: How to leave details about yourself for your heirs and generations to come.

#3 – Trends.

How to identify how trends developed in the past. How do you spot commonalities about events in the past that turned out to have similar outcomes? Can you use lessons from the past to predict trends in the future? What were people assuming when these events took place, how were they wrong or right? What are the important properties for something catching on/going viral. How to identify decisive moments and how to prepare for “your moment”.

#4 – Raise your kids into warriors.

What to teach your kids? How do you instill the best rituals in them? When to be lenient, when to be strict? What value can you add to your kids’ education that your wife could not give and vice versa? What to do when you are divorced and either raising the kids yourself or have your ex-wife raise them? How to strengthen your kids without overindulging them?

#5 – Home-schooling.

Which classes should you offer and in which order? How do you make sure your children socialize properly? Do you teach in one block or small units over the day? What are subjects that are NOT in a current curriculum that would be wise to teach? For example: financial health; how to find your career; weight training, martial arts and fitness; myths and rituals etc.; how to be a leader etc.

#6 – How to leave your job behind and start new.

Should you apply while you are in a job or afterwards? How do you take prior experience and use it for your new job when the fields are completely different? How does prior experience help you, where does it hinder you? What differences are there for someone aged 20, 30, 40 or 50 or older?

#7 – Exotic travel.

By this I mean: travelling into places that are not fit for tourism (yet). Remote places and potentially hostile environments. How do you prepare for a trip through the Antarctic? Or to the rain forest? If you really want to do it without a guide, what do you have to take care of? How do you communicate with native people? If you want to do it with a guide, how do you select him or her? How do you prepare for dangerous or unforeseen events? How do you do your background research, how do you prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically? 

#8 – Renovating an old house.

What are important areas of the house to take care of first? Should you salvage material, e.g. old wooden planks – or leave them in place and repair/preserve them? How do you value a house before you buy it, how much should you be willing to pay relative to how much worth you will be able to add yourself? Do you call normal craftsmen or specialists, e.g. plasterers etc.? How do you make sure your house has good connections to sanitary systems? How do you deal with local zoning regulations? How do you add new rooms or details to the house without destroying its architectural meaning? Different examples of successful or unsuccessful renovations. Which areas in countries offer the best prices for houses, if you plan on heavy/medium/tiny renovations?

#9 – Sleep.

REM and non-REM sleep cycles. Keeping a dream journal. Should you sleep a lot or only a little? How to fall asleep – different remedies if you suffer from sleeplessness. Interrupted sleep patterns – rather sleep in one block or several small intervals? How to avoid common problems like sleepwalking, snoring, grinding your teeth etc.

#10 – Lucid dreaming.

What dreams mean to you. How you can enter a state where you know you are asleep and dreaming. Should lucid dreaming be an addition to your lifestyle, or a simple therapeutic tool?

#11 – 3D Printing, Hardware and Software

How to program a 3D printer. Where you can use 3D printing. How do material properties affect 3D printing? What should you be awaer of when buying a 3D printer? Are there potential businesses that you could build?

#12 – How to design the perfect Coursera course.

How much do you need to know about the topic you want to teach? Is it better to stay general or very specific? How do you advertise and spread the word for your course? Which platform is the best for reach and/or monetization – YouTube, Udemy, Coursera or others? How do you get your courses carried by an accredited college?

#13 – Mentoring.

How do you recognize people’s abilities and potential? Most people have both strengths and weaknesses. How can you leverage their strengths and their propensities for a certain type of learning to help them achieve their goals? How do you spot and nurture a specific talent? If they are good in a field that you are not, how can you make sure they get the best additional teaching they can? How do you let go of your dominant position as a teacher to allow the student to develop?

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