How To Get More Out Of Your Dollar: 12 Ideas

Bargaining. Not an easy topic for me!

I believe in deliver as much value as possible for free.

I also believe that somehow, sometime, the Universe will give back. I just have to trust.

Is that an efficient strategy? You be the judge.

What I like to point out though is that most of our capability to bargain is in our mindset. If we feel awkward trying to negotiate the price, we will not be good bargainers.

And often, to get what you want, you simply have to ask.

So get into the mindset of talking to people. Talk to the clerks and owners of a store. Learn about their situation. You will soon see several opportunities coming up in front of you.

Something where you can help them with, and then you can get a price off.

I have no idea whether my ideas work. Some of them though worked for me or my friends.

So they may work for you as well!

Let’s hear them…

More Out Of Your Dollar Bargain Booze
“Booze Is Always A Good Bargain” OR “(Postal) Clerks Just Wanna Have Fun”

#1: Simply ask for 10% off.

Yes. Wherever you are. Even for a minor item as a coffee. Juts to practise.

Cam Adair from Game Quitters actually has a 30-Day challenge on quitting computer games and bringing purpose to your life – and one of the exercises in that challenge is to ask for 10% off when buying coffee.

The challenge was originally coined by Noah Kagan. It not only trains you to become a better bargainer, it trains you to overcome the fear of asking. Because you could get rejected.

Deep down, I believe that is the very fundamental of successfully bargaining and also – recognizing your own worth. Because if you are afraid to ask for 10% off your coffee, will you ask when more is at stake? A raise? Setting the price for a product you sell?

Charging a consultation fee? So it’s important to learn to bargain to be more confident about your self-worth.

#2: Ask to include another item.

If the store doesn’t want to go down with the price, they may be open to giving you another item for free. Which basically means for them that you will more likely come back.

#3: Promise the store to come back.

If you live in the neighborhood, you can tell them a bit about yourself and that you regularly buy the item you are bargaining for.

You can ask for a price reduction and promise you come back.

#4: Advertise for the store.

A friend of mine got a big price reduction on his car, because he agreed to have the dealership logo displayed on the vehicle.

He used the car for his daily commute to work, and the store went down so much with the monthly payments that he could almost completely balance them out with his tax credits!

Maybe ask the store if you could print their logo onto a T-shirt that you wear and as a result get a price reduction of the item you are buying.

#5: Walk into the store with a bag of their competitors.

Don’t shove the bag into the store owners faces, but make sure they can see the bag from competitor X when you talk to them.

Tell them that you are really shopping around and not sure which brand you should buy, and that you got a good deal from X.

#6: The looming thread of leaving.

This is similar to #5.

If you have the choice and your cable or internet provider raises the price, you can ask for a price off… because the other company offers you a better deal.

Ask them to match that deal.

Your company will often be willing to keep the price as you want it – within reasonable boundaries, of course – to not lose you as a customer.

#7: Ask if you can get a small sample.

Sometimes, when you try out a new item, you don’t always need to buy everything.

If you ask for a sample, the store might give it to you for free, and this sample will last you a while.

Tea, perfume, coffee, some cookies… those are some of the items that companies often offer smaller test samples.

#8: Freelance and get book review copies.

I once had to summarize “Creativity, Inc.” by Ed Catmull for a freelance assignment.

My client gave me a pdf of the book.

It was an interesting book and I did not have to pay anything for it. I even got paid working with it.

You can sign up to freelancing services like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer and get book review gigs.

#9: Barter your services.

Talk to the store owner.

You’ll figure out what he has going on in his life and where he needs help.

Maybe he is looking for someone to help his nephew with school. Maybe he needs a webpage programmed. Things you can offer your help with.

He may let you have his products for free in exchange if you offer your services and commit to actually helping.

And you get someone who potentially further recommends your services.

#9: Carpool.

If you drive to work, take a colleague with you and split the gas price.

#10: Buy seasonal fruits.

More Out Of Your Dollar Lemon Orchard
Plucking fruits from an orchard is free if you don’t get caught.

You don’t need to buy oranges in summer when they are potentially more expensive. Same with cherries in winter.

Fruit is fruit! Unless you are an apple enthusiast, just don’t buy them year round.

There are always a variety of fruits to choose from.

Here is an addition that makes the use of your dollars even better: buy fruits when they are cheap and then freeze them for the winter.

When I grew up, my neighbours never bought fruit. They had two or three apple trees in their garden and then conserved most of these apples.

They also froze their strawberries. That lasted over the winter.

If you do not have a garden, you can still buy fruits when they are cheap – or go to an orchard and harvest them. Then conserve them.

#11: Ask for items with small blemishes.

Maybe they have a computer monitor that still works fine, but there is a scratch on the corner.

Some superficial damage that reduces its value. So you can still use it. Buy it for a reduced price.

There are outlet malls all over the country that specialize on clothes or other items with small defects.

#12: Ask for products the store can’t get sold.

I believe every store has items they just don’t get sold.

But maybe you like them? Ask the store if they have products they can’t sell anymore and have a look.

You can probably get them at a discount if the alternative for the shop is to throw them away.

You could even buy stuff in bulk from the store and then sell it on Amazon with a profit.

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