How To Improve Traveling: It’s The Economy Class, Stupid

Previously, I talked about how each one of us could make air travel more convenient.

Now comes the version of what airlines could do to make traveling in economy class more convenient – and it would probably not even cost that much to implement.

That being said, I still think flying is an awesome way to travel. And with small modifications it could be even more exciting.

This is Day 9 of the 180-Day Challenge “Become an Idea Machine“.

12 ways to improve traveling in economy class

… that an airline like JetBlue could implement today to make people happier.

Economy Class St. Maarten

#1 – Allow people to sync with their own online accounts

Instead of relying on the bland music samples airlines normally have, customers could have free access to their iTunes and/or Google accounts. That way, they can access their own documents, podcasts or music; maybe airlines could add a $10 – $20 coupon with which customers could download their own movies, music or shows from iTunes or Netflix. Or even some HBO series, which are normally not that easy to get unless you have a TV and subscription.

#2 – A free toothbrush/soap/deodorant set, possibly with hand creme

Some airlines like Emirates have that already. It contributes a lot to customers happiness when you have the possibility to freshen up after landing or during the flight. In addition, humidity inside an airplane cabin is typically pretty low, so having a hand creme at least keeps your exposed skin moist.

#3 – Free socks

No joke. After traveling on longer flights, you yearn for new clothes, and you don’t have immediate access to your suitcase after the plane lands. As Mike Cernovich suggests, your underwear and socks get used up fastest during the holidays. And as everyone knows who has mastered an 8-hour flight – you yearn for wearing something fresh, because you have been in your clothes for a long while without moving much.

#4 – Access to beds

This could even cost a little bit of an extra fee. I think the real attraction of Business and First Class is the possibility to sleep in a bed (or a seat that turns into one). Why not give people in economy class the possibility to fly 1.5x as expensive, but let them use an extra bed in a separate compartment in the plane?

#5 – Use of showers

Give people the possibility of either having a shower on board or at the destination airport (in an airline lounge) would be absolutely fantastic.

#6 – Luggage packing and pick-up service

You could offer people the possibility to pick up their luggage from home and check it in for them, so they don’t need to transport it to the airport. As a bonus, you could even offer to pack people’s suitcases for them.

#7 – Ground transport

Normally, the stress levels rise up the closer you get to the airport. If the airline provides busses or taxis that pick their passengers up, the stress would be significantly reduced. Yes, there are airport transport companies that run shuttle busses, but you never know whether they will be on time, how many other passengers need to be picked up etc. If the transport is provided by the airline itself, you’d trust them much more. The more so if you are just handing them your luggage and then you are guaranteed to get on a plane to your destination – even if you don’t make your original plane.

If ground transport was in the same hand as the flight, you could coordinate it much better.

#8 – A designated gym on board

It would already help in economy class if you had a little room on board where you can just stretch your legs and move around a little. That would avoid cramps and even the possibility of developing blood clots or Deep Vein Thrombosis.

#9 – Feetwarmers

On long flights, your feet can become swollen and cold. It would be great if the airlines could supply some thick socks or have a little heating close to the foot area in your seats. Maybe a heated floor?

#10 – Photos of your luggage

Sometimes luggage gets lost. If the airline made photos of your suitcases when you check them in, they can probably be retrieved more easily after they get lost.

#11 – Extra play room for kids.

Kids could have a room with toys and would not need to sit still all the time. In addition – or maybe as a ‘light’ version of that, airlines could give every kid a little toy to play with, a drawing book or something like that.

#12 – A room where people could socialize.

Why not have an extra room in coach with a little bar, where people can hang out and talk to each other?

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