How To Outwit Your Elementary School Teacher: 16 Funny Answers

Even though my 3rd grade time was quiet, peaceful and friendly – in fact, I went to school in a small German village where dogs and cats would tell each other “good night” – there is a treasure trove of funny answers by elementary schoolers.

Thus, I have rekindled my childhood, thought about questions you would get as a 3rd grader and infused some humour into potential answers.

Often, these questions bring us back to think about problems in a very simplistic way – which is a great skill to have.

Elementary School Teacher X
Best Answer Ever

#1 – Imagine Snow White had made 28 cookies. How many cookies does each dwarf get?

If she gets up early enough, she can eat the cookies herself.

#2 – There, they’re or their? _______ are a lot of cookies.

There aren’t, because I ate them all. Thanks for telling me in #1. Signed: Snow White.

#3 – Imagine you have 4 apples and your parents bring 5 more. How many apples can everyone now eat?

I don’t know because I usually give the apples to my hamster.

#4 – Why is working together a good way to solve a problem?

Because one person can think of the problem and the others can solve it. 

#5 – Describe the recipe for a tomato salad.

I have no idea, but I can tell you how to make Christmas cookies instead.

#6 – Why did Columbus sail across the ocean and discover America?

Because he was really looking for someone who would buy his glass beads.

#7 – Who invented the car?

The horses did, because they were tired of pulling carriages.

#8 – Science: You leave a bowl of water outside. A week later the water is gone. What happened?

The neighbour’s dog drank it.

#9 – What is the capital of the United States?

It’s “U” and “S”.

#10 – Where did Adam and Eve live?

On the snake’s property, who got them evicted.

The following questions are inspired by some real life sources. If you understand German, click here.

#11 – Why does the February sometimes have 29 days?

Because February can be cold, so it takes a bit longer for the Earth to turn around.

#12 – Find the mistakes: “In ‘Pirats of the carribean’, Jack Sparrow commands his ship.”

It’s “Captain Jack Sparrow”!

#13 – If you have three oranges in one hand and two oranges and a banana in the other – what do you have?

Pretty large hands.

#14 – What was the Romans’ biggest achievement?

They could speak latin.

#15 – And here are two for the dedicated math nerds like me:

Elementary School Teacher sin x
Impeccable Logic.
Elementary School Teacher Lim
Infinite creativity has no boundaries.

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