How To Relax Your Mind: 13 Opportunities Every Day!

This is very important. Often we just rush through the day without making time to sit back and relax – we kind of “never find the time”. It’s great to be busy and to work towards your goals – but small breaks now and then are not a hindrance – they can in fact help to structure your day.

When you invest three minutes away from your normal activities and think about how to relax your mind, you can become more efficient, productive and happier on the long run.

This is Day 3 of the challenge “Becoming an Idea Machine“.

13 Opportunities To Sit Back and Close Your Eyes

How To Relax Your Mind Sleep
Like this guy – maybe with mouth closed.

#1 – Right after waking up

Why not just sit back and celebrate the beginning of your day? Or if you feel you dread what follows, take some time not to get back to sleep but appreciate small wins that you could still have during the day. For example, if you have an interview you are nervous about, just sit back, close your eyes and imagine what reward you could give yourself after the interview is over, no matter the outcome.

#2 – After you have done your morning routine

If you have a morning routine – highly recommended! – you could sit back in silent celebration and instill a sense of accomplishment

#3 – Anytime you have done something

I personally take joy in achieving something, so closing my eyes and just enjoying the moment is a good way to remind myself that I have finished a step towards completing my goals.

#4 – Whenever you are outside and the sky is bright.

If you turn towards the light and close your eyes – there is no way you can not smile. It brings back memories of happy days. Whenever I do it, it puts me directly back into a happy state. It’s just you and the sun.

#5 – When the day is done.

Around 8 pm, look at everything you have done, be proud of yourself and plan the next day. Close your eyes, sit back, relax your posture and breathe right through. You have accumulated a lot over the day, now it’s time to let it out. This video shows how to do it in case you are angry – and I believe it works when you are happy also.

#6 – Anytime you wait on the phone.

If you are getting yelled at or if you are in a long waiting loop. Yesterday for example, I needed to call Verizon for a simple technical question – it took them 5 departments and 30 minutes to answer it. Instead of getting annoyed at the bad customer service, I just closed my eyes and thought of what I had achieved that day so far.

Or you take a more active approach like Homer Simpson:

#7 – When Somebody Yells At You.

Some people just have no way to connect to others or voice their anger than through yelling. This does not need to be your concern. Instead of letting somebody’s negativity enter your life, sit back, relax and close your eyes. Make sure the person is not about to hit you, though!

#8 – When you switch on an electronic appliance.

When you start your computer, your coffee machine or even switch on your light. People in the past did not have these possibilities. Close your eyes, celebrate that you can take full advantage of those and be thankful.

#9 – When you go out to meet somebody.

Be grateful that people are there.

#10 – After you have written your items on your gratitude list.

After you have finished the complete list or after individual points – don’t just write out the list. Enjoy that gratitude a little bit.

#11 – When you listen to your favorite music.

To me, it’s almost like magic what some singers or composers have created. I like to stop a bit and just let myself float along the music.

#12 – When you see somebody lend a helping hand.

Of course, first check if they can use your help as well. If not, close your eyes and be happy that kindness exists. And maybe afterwards introduce yourself even if they do not need your help.

#13 – During short breaks in between.

If you use the Pomodoro method, meaning you work 25 minutes on your project, you can close your eyes for 3 – 5 minutes and just free your mind.

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