How to start over: 10 Things You Could Do At Age 17.

What would you do if you were 17 again – and instead of going to college, do something really cool instead?

You could widen your horizon, train something intensely or even start a company. When you are 17, you have the most luxury of trying something new. You don’t even need to be rich. One year to explore the world and what you are really going to do.

Things you could do at age 17 Company
Maybe be a little more upbeat than Scrooge McDuck.

#1 – Build your own company

You could rent a small apartment in a cheap country – or maybe even stay at home, saving rent – and then invest all your money into building up your company.

It could revolve around computer services (software, hardware, internet, social media), as I have outlined in a past article about small businesses kids could start.

You could also get ideas by searching for key phrases like “I wish”, “I hate”, “If only” etc.

In both cases, you could spend part of your money on letting someone build the website and buying apps, so you could focus on spreading the message.

Or you could call several businesses you are familiar about, figure out some pain points they have and program an app that solves these problems. Ideally you can presell the app to them, so you have more money to develop it, as described in this podcast.

#2 – Zoology Scubaplorer

You could learn to scuba dive and explore wildlife.

Hawaii, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa – the world is full of beautiful nature.

You could even go to the Galapagos Islands and recreate the trip Charles Darwin took and compare your notes with “The Origin of Species“.

You could probably take lots of wildlife photos, start a website with Instagram account and write a book about your “exotic year”.

#3 – Roadtrip through the US, railway back.

You could rent a car or camper and then drive through the US (or your continent) in one direction, then take the train back.

Once again, a book and/or photo journal could be at the end product of this trip.

You could also stop by several locations/local villages and work for a couple of days.

Or you do it like this guy and take a year-long bike trip through the US.

#4 – Rent a cabin in the woods.

You could live in a remote cabin and live off your environment:

Cut down wood for heating in the winter, harvest vegetables from your garden in summer.

Supplement your meals with trips to the local farmer’s market in the next village, if need be.

If your cabin is remote, you will probably not be able to go to that village very often, so you will learn to safe your resources for a long time.

You could go with a couple of friends as well to not be completely alone.

#5 – Dating.

If you are a man, you could rent a house next to an area of a big city with a lot of clubs, then just party and date.

You may not last long with your money that way – so maybe you combine it with the idea of starting a business from #1 above.

#6 – Flying lessons.

If you have always dreamed of flying, this is the time to try it out.

You could take flying lessons, then maybe – if you like it – transition into training for becoming a professional pilot.

#7 – Ayahuasca.

Live for a year in South America. Take a conscience-widening drug. Ayahuasca.

Let the devil call you to Peru.

Here is the story of someone who did it.

Mike Cernovich also talked about psychoactive drugs in a recent podcast.

#8 – Live in extreme climate.

You could also invest the money into a survival course.

Then, you live completely outside of civilisation and fend for yourself for a year, having the remaining cash only as a reserve if all else fails.

Or maybe you donate the rest to charity and really burn your boats. Then survive.

#9 – The Appalachian Trail.

Use some money to pay for food and lodging and walk the Appalachian Trail.

When else do you have several months unrestricted time but when you are 17 and/or just finished school?

#10 – Build something.

Maybe you can use $10,000 (or less) to make a down payment on a run-down house or cabin.

Houses in foreclosure are usually super-cheap.

You then live in it and renovate it. Afterwards you may even sell it for a profit.

Or keep it.

The point is that you spend a year creating something. Then move on, if you want. Or stay.

It can be really anything. It could even be a yacht or house boat.

(Disclaimer: I am not a legal or financial expert. Definitely speak with some experts before putting any steps in motion.)

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What would you if you could be 17 again?

Or are you actually doing it anyway although you are not 17 anymore?

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