Idea Sex: Join Your Favorite Books And Quotes, Wisdom Ensues

Idea Sex! Let’s take the books that can make a difference in our lives and then match them with the quotes that carry the most meaning for us.

I am using the blog posts about my 16 great books and 10 lines that make you wonder – and why – as examples.

What new books could I write when I combine ideas from these two topics? I could change it a bit.

For example, if the line is “This IS the next move” and the book is “The Power of Now”, that can morph into

This IS Your Life. – Because It Is Happening Now.

These are the 10 lines that make you wonder.

  1. If an opportunity is too hard, that IS the opportunity.
  2. Just don’t fuck up.
  3. If you have to think about it, you can’t afford it.
  4. People think the glass is half-empty, when in reality, it’s 70% full.
  5. Be like water.
  6. A system can never be more than the sum of its parts and interactions.
  7. It’s easier to fix a boat than it is to calm the ocean.
  8. The past is an illusion, your future is real.
  9. And your gravity fails, and negativity don’t pull you through.
  10. The United States are a story.

And these are the 16 great books.

  1. The Slight Edge
  2. Atlas Shrugged
  3. Gorilla Mindset
  4. Choose Yourself
  5. The Millionaire Fastlane
  6. Momo
  7. The Neverending Story
  8. Bachelor Pad Economics
  9. Buddenbrooks.
  10. Doctor Faustus.
  11. Don Carlo.
  12. Goedel, Escher, Bach.
  13. The Dark Tower Series.
  14. How to Argue and Win Every Time.
  15. Look Who’s Back.
  16. Man of Straw.

Here is how I did it.

I first determined what might go together, like a puzzle.

You can pair two titles that may not look like they have much in common – for example, real-life advice (“just don’t fuck up”) with pure fiction (The Neverending Story). Or combinations that are very close to each other – see “If you have to think about it, you can’t afford it” with “Bachelor Pad Economics”. You either tease out a common denominator, or both titles are so different that they inspire each other in unexpected ways.

So without further ado, here is the list.

Idea Sex Leap Of Faith
Leap of Faith. Don’t hit your head!

#1 – Tough chances and leaps of faith – Play the game and win!

Original combination:
If an opportunity is too hard, that IS the opportunity.
Choose Yourself!

Choosing what you really want to do – choosing yourself – can be extremely difficult if you are caught in a “rut” – your current job does not fulfill you, but it pays the bills and gives you food and shelter, so you keep doing it.

Especially when you are 35+, this can be a trap – being stuck in some middle management position.

But here, it is most important to be courageous and do what really makes you happy. You still have enough drive and energy to change, and you have seen enough in your career to know whether what you do right now makes you happy or not.

But to become successful on the long run, you have to venture out of your comfort zone and take the first step. And that is more difficult the further advanced in the job market you are.

The new book would encourage people to start what they really like doing even if they think the past has enveloped them and there is really no way out.

What would be three chapters of that book?
(a) Leaving it all behind. Taking stock of what was.
(b) So many ways, which one leads to Rome? Choosing the right idea.
(c) Actively installing your future: executing your ideas every day.

#2 – The power of not fucking up– Your life happens every day.

Original combination:
Just don’t fuck up.
The Neverending Story.

This book would be about utilizing what you have to do to live your life every day. It’s basically an every day guide for practised minimalism.

As in the “Neverending Story”, you may realize that you can put anything in motion as long as you just imagine the idea. Your mind is your most powerful asset.

What would the three chapters be?
(a) Three silent killers. Spending on status, deprecating items and bad company.
(b) Put it in a box. If stuff is out of sight, will you still remember it?
(c) One step a day. How you can walk the road of happiness every day.

#3 – The Happiness Intuition – The successful bachelor’s guide to life.

Idea Sex Smiley
This dude is happy.

Original combination:
If you have to think about it, you can’t afford it.
Bachelor Pad Economics.

So instead of thinking about the items we can not afford, let’s think about the items that we can afford. And live a happy life that way.

I suggest the following three chapters.
(a) Taking stock of what you have. What have you build so far?
(b) Taking stock of what you need. What are your dreams and visions?
(c) Taking stock of your friends. Who do you like to spend most time with?

#4 – Almost there.  – How to use the force of abundance.

Idea Sex Abundance
Flowers in Abundance

Original combination:People think the glass is half empty, when in reality, it’s 70% full.
How to argue and win every time.

This book could be about recognizing how close we truly are to living our ideal life, and how we can draw power from a mindset of abundance to get us the last steps towards the finish.

Forming a reservoir of positive emotions – an abundance mindset – and giving from that reservoir are concepts Gerry Spence discusses in his book. So if you want to win in life, your business and your interactions with others, you learn to give from that rich reservoir.

The chapters could thus be:
(a) How you can “fill” your abundance reservoir.
(b) How you can give from your reservoir.
(c) How you can give to receive by empowering your friends.

#5 – You got the Flo – Swimming lessons for the Gorilla Mind.

Original combination:
Be like water
Gorilla Mindset.

“Be like water” essentially means that you should not try to push through an obstacle, but rather align yourself with your environment to go around it.

It fits well with the abundance principle from Gorilla Mindset: recognizing the best stream that carries you around an obstacle means recognizing what is already abundant in your environment.

The chapters would be:
(a) Read your environment. Prosperous streams of engagement.
(b) Embrace the journey. Let the streams carry you.
(c) Recognize the finish: Get out of the water and back on track.

#6 – Systematic Interactions – an Eternal Emergence of Spirit.

Original combination:
A system can never be more than the sum of its parts and their interactions
Goedel, Escher, Bach

A system is in place and works because its parts interact together.

Can we figure these interactions out on our own? or is there an element we can never know? Can we determine it when we step out of the system?

And could stepping back and looking at the system “from the outside in” be a base for developing our spiritual health?

I think the best way to make this rather abstract concept accessible is to provide examples rooted in our daily experiences.
(a) How to build life. Can we ever create life in the test tube or is there a life force independent from us?
(b) Us, robots. Can computers take the reins away from us?
(c) Masters and slaves. Do societies evolve on their own, or are they controlled from the outside?

#7 – Fix your boat and brave the sea. – Sailing through life every day.

Idea Sex Calm Sea
Make sure your boat is fine!

Original combination:
It’s easier to fix a boat than to calm the ocean.
The Slight Edge.

The book’s overall content would be inspired by Jeff Olson’s “Slight Edge”.

Small changes consistently applied every day are the best way to reach your goal. However, I would also ask the question how much we can really change our environment – and if or when to just leave it be and rather work on yourself.

It will also address the question how to make new friends – by recruiting people that are already on your side rather than trying to convert people that do not agree with your life philosophy to begin with.

Too often, you see people trying to convince others of their own opinions rather than spending their energy on bonding with those that are already vibing with them.

So the chapters will be:
(a) Building your crew, one person at a time. Who to talk to and who to ignore.
(b) Building your life, one day at a time. Let the environment be.
(c) Building your vision, one image at a time. Build your life goals and find your purpose through consistent daily action.

#8 – How to forget the past and drive ahead. – How to refuel your tank when you are stranded in the desert.

Original combination:
The past is an illusion, the future is real.
The Millionaire Fastlane.

Realign your strengths and move towards the future. Don’t adhere to the past, no matter how dark and dry it may seem, because that will just keep you pounding sand.

It is not easy to simply forget the past, since we often take solace from reveling in days bygone.

If we are on a slow stretch and it seems really hard – like walking through a desert – it is tempting to imagine how it was before we got into said desert.

But if we do that, we are just digging our heels deeper into the sand.

We need to learn to leave the past behind and step – or drive – out of the sand.

So the chapters would be:
(a) How we got into the desert. How a past that leads us into the desert might not be as glorious as we thought.
(b) How we travel through the desert. Look for the fastest way through and just drive.
(c) How we get back onto the fast lane. Head towards the road!

#9 – The positivity anchor – Learning to listen and trust in an insecure world.

Original combination:
And your gravity fails, and negativity don’t pull you through.

Intently listen to what your gut, the environment and other people tell you. As a result, learn to let go and trust the process.

(a) Trust your gut. Learn to listen to how your body expresses feelings and emotions.
(b) Read the environment. Watch what your surroundings are telling you.
(c) Listen to others. What are they telling you beyond their words?

#10 – The Greatest Story Ever Told – Atlas’s road trip through the United States.

Idea Sex Road Trip USA
We are not always aware of how insanely WIDE this country is!

Original combination:
The United States are a story.
Atlas Shrugged.

Is the US a purely capitalist country, or are there socialist elements in here? How deep do these roots go from a historical point of view?

This will be a book that looks at the United States history and looks at different geographical and historical landmarks.

We basically start with the Founding Fathers and then move with the settlers that pushed the frontier further West.

How did the settlers survive economically? How did the concept of capitalism evolve to what we have today, and where do socialist influences come from?

The chapters would be.
(a) The constants. What economic elements stayed the same from the beginning of the US to now?
(b) The variables. Which concepts changed or evolved?
(c) The future. How will our future economic systems be?

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