NoNothingNovember, Day 23

Getting into the final week of NoNothingNovember.

75% of this challenge are done. I am getting pumped to amp up my efforts.

I have gotten the vices I wanted to lose during NoNothingNovember mostly in check, so that I can focus my energy more and more on this website and my paper draft at work .

Over the weekend, I had the chance to double my efforts in writing blog posts, now I have to catch up with writing the manuscript.

Oh, and I also have to file some remaining documents for my Green Card application… and there is also the Science Writing class that I want and need to put a bit of effort into. Will be quite a busy week. And such days are fun!

NoNothingNovember goals


No problem. The “duty” to go to bed on time creates a good incentive to get stuff done during the day.

Sweets and snacks

No sweets and snacks today, but I did eat a lot of other food. Quite curious how that translates into body fat – my guess is that it does not change much, since the only source of carbs was oatmeal with blackberries and apples, sweetened with honey. But we’ll see over the next days.

Social media

Almost no twitter and Facebook at all, only one posting in the morning, that was it.

I did spend a lot of time communicating back and forth with a friend via eMail, though. He had sent me a guest post for my blog, and I was translating that from German to English.

What have I achieved?

Work and Blog

No work on my manuscript at all, since the whole day was taken up by my blog, and in the beginning, things are just a bit slow.

I could have been a bit more efficient by focusing on two to three different tasks instead of working on 5 – 10 items in parallel. Have to transfigure my excitement more into focusing on the task at hand.

In the end, I am happy I got the article my friend sent me – see above – translated and published, in addition to my NoNothingNovember post.

I have now written/translated 4 extra blog posts over the last 4 days – in addition to my daily NoNothingNovember journal. I am happy and a bit exhausted.

Without me getting used to a daily writing habit over the last 8 months, I am not sure I could have done that without any sweets and snacks and still gotten regular sleep.


Nothing. Sunday was just a good day to lean back and enjoy life.

NoNothingNovember continues: Day 24 tomorrow.

(a description of my #NoNothingNovember challenge: