NoNothingNovember, Day 19

Dealing with temptation and social pressure.

Don’t “live a little now”. Live a great life forever!

We had a birthday celebration at work. There was cake.

I was having none of it – one of my NoNothingNovember goals was to cut out sweets and snacks.

People teased me about it, but I just smiled and let them have one piece more.









Here is one behavior that people exhibit on a regular base, and that can be really demotivating if you are not careful.

“Ah, Florian, you have this weird diet.” 

“Oh, look, a piece of cake… delicious!”

“You should really make an exception, this is a special event.”

It’s another version of them saying “I could never do that.” So if we constantly tell ourselves that we are not capable to change, guess what – we won’t.

And we do not want others to get away with actually achieving it.

My colleagues were not mean about it. They meant this in a fun way, I am sure. Hearing these words, though, can be hard.

Our natural tendency is to fit in with the group.

How did I get through these headwinds?

#1 – I have heard it all before. 

I am prepared for these comments.

#2 – I visualize my goals.

When they tell me to be “less disciplined” and “live a little”, I am directing my thoughts away from the moment and think about my long-term vision. I am basically allowing myself to dream about the future.

By cutting out sweets and snacks, I will lose body fat, my abs will be visible, my facial structures will come out better, and I will feel refreshed and centered in my body all the time. That’s my vision of the future.

Don’t “live a little now”. Live a great life forever!

#3 – I think back at what I have already achieved.

20 days without sweets and snacks – that is simply not worth abandoning.

NoNothingNovember goals


Since I fulfill my “sleep quota” now almost automatically, I realize that it makes me indeed feel that much better. Sure, i have seemingly less time to get my stuff done. But (a) this forces me to get rid of distractions and (b) I know I have a fixed amount of time I am working on every day.

So what this goal is actually really about is getting into a regular schedule. You do not create meaningful work by frantically eating up the odd hours until a great idea strikes out of nowhere. Most creative people have and had a very regular schedule:

Sweets and snacks

See above.

Social media

I did not have much time at all for that, so that was not a problem.

What have I achieved?

Manuscript and Blog

I gathered some more data for my experiments – and wrote a couple more drafts for this blog, I find editing articles takes me almost longer than writing them – I will become more efficient in the future, though.

NoNothingNovember continues: Day 20 tomorrow.

(a description of my goals for the #NoNothingNovember challenge can be found here: