NoNothingNovember, Day 21

Always reach out to your fellow man.

NoNothingNovember, Day 21








I was reminded how awesome and helpful this community is. Within the last month alone, I have met several truly remarkable people and made great friends.

Only through reaching out online and taking every opportunity to meet up in person. I am truly amazed.

Remy Sheppard from invited me on his podcast, and I felt very honored by that request. Humbled, even.

He has been running blogs for years now, and I am merely starting out.

We just connected on Skype and started chatting – and he gave me ample opportunity to talk…

… and to introduce the German version of “Sesame Street” (or something kind of close to it) to the American audience. 😉

Some things we focused on included:

God and Religion – is what we directly experience really all there is?

Government and corporations, political correctness. A short venture into “shirtstorm”.

Arguing in a mutually beneficial way – how to step out of your ideological “box” and focus on the real issues.

Moxie and moving forward – embrace your heart and confront your fears. Killer Instinct = Emotional Honesty.

Chasing after money vs. providing value.

Jokes and the German language.

Gaining life experience by reading autobiographies.

How consistent reading and writing has helped me change my mind – becoming happy is something you have to WANT.

Time – the most valuable resource everyone has.

You can check out the podcast (plus Bernie and Ert!) here:


NoNothingNovember goals


I am sleeping my regular time, though was still a bit tired over the day. That may have two reasons:

#1 – If I worked very intensely one day, the next day is almost always less productive.

#2 – 6.25 hours is still not enough sleep for me.

I’ll stick to my 6.25 hour schedule and see if my tiredness is something consistent.

Sweets and snacks

No temptations.

Social media

No problem. I have so many other things that require my attention – foregoing Social Media is not difficult.

What have I achieved?


I have to say, writing is real fun for me, and I am quite happy that I started to get into a regular writing habit more than half a year ago.

Because now I have a collection of many moments and experiences from my life, and the exciting part is – I can actually share them with the world through my blog!

And nobody can do anything to stop me 😉

Don’t worry, I make sure they are relevant to the main question – how can we become as happy as we want to be?

My main point here though is that I have a lot of drafts for future articles. Editing is more work than I thought – it takes the same time, if not more, than writing the draft – but I can start with a solid base and already know what I will be writing about.


As I mentioned above, Remy Sheppard was kind enough to invite me onto his podcast. It was great to just shoot the shit and talk.

I am in this for ca. 3 – 4 weeks now, and even though this blog is online, I have already made a handful of connections and met awesome people in person.

That is truly something to be grateful for.

NoNothingNovember continues: Day 21 tomorrow.

(a description of my goals for the #NoNothingNovember challenge can be found here: