NoNothingNovember, Day 24

NoNothingNovember, my sweet tooth enters the big sleep.

Three weeks seem to be a valid time to train yourself new habits.

I am a bit surprised by it myself, but most of the vices I wanted to abandon this month are simply gone from my mind.

For example, yesterday, I went to get a sandwich for lunch, and there were all those sweets and snacks lined up – I did not even think for a second about buying any of those.

NoNothingNovember goals


Slept fine, albeit sometimes, I am a bit tired over the day. Maybe I should up my sleep time to 6.5 hours.

Sweets and snacks

As I mentioned above: no desire for sweets. Not even for a replacement, like oatmeal with honey. My sweet tooth lies dormant. Did not think it would be that easy.

Social media

I still only check twitter and Facebook when there is an eMail waiting for me, or when I post my “three things to be grateful for”.

The only times when I have to restrain myself is when someone posts something sounding spectacular. And indeed, there might be a webpage that is truly informative and good to know.

What I do then is I click on the link and bookmark it for later, then close it again.

That helps me indeed not getting distracted.

What have I achieved?


We had a bit of a setback, an experiment that was crucial to our research did not pan out the way we expected it to.

These things happen when you work in science. You gotta look ahead and come up with a new idea.

However, the fact that I make my bed every morning, follow the Happiness Habit and NoNothingNovember helps me here:

it has freed my mind from all BS, so I can focus on what is important to me.

That’s basically it for today!

NoNothingNovember continues: Day 25 tomorrow.

(a description of my #NoNothingNovember challenge: