NoNothingNovember, Day 26

Either be proud of or afraid of what you post.

An article from Mike at struck very much home with me.

So what did I learn today?

Since I have started this blog,  I realize that I sometimes worry too much about not offending anyone – and/or embarrassing myself! I should accept who I am and stand up for myself.

Ok, so let me correct that right here.

When I wrote my review of “The Slight Edge” (, I said that this book has helped me overcome a lot of my addictions.

That’s true. What I still left out was the one addiction that I felt the most devastated and embarrassed about:

Porn and Masturbation.

I tried, but I could not shake it off. It was my demon that prevented me to really completely become who I wanted to be.

I felt trapped in a prison of my addiction.

That is when I discovered the sites and the forum under

And on that forum, someone recommended ‘The Slight Edge”.

With this book, I overcame my porn addiction. It was beautiful. It still creeps up now and then – a work in progress, but I feel the hardest part is done.

Now, here is the truly great development that came next.

On that forum, somebody said that guys should just be content gaming the “normal” girl.

Nothing wrong with a “normal” girl, however you define her – I just do not like comments that put a ceiling on what you can do and tell you what you are supposed to do.

This guy said to score models and “Playboy” style girls, you’d need to put an enormous amount of work in. And nobody would be willing to do that…

… but one person who did it with the help of the Approach Anxiety program of (link is slightly NSFW).

I got curious and joined in.

And thus, my journey into the manosphere began.

Now I feel terrified for posting this, and that’s the reason why I will do it.

I have no idea what will happen to me once people read this.

I just know I wanted to come “clean” as early as possible.


What went well?


I slept my regular time.

Sweets and snacks

I did not eat anything containing refined sugar.

Social media

No surfing on Twitter, Facebook or any other Social Media. Perfect.


I published another article and wrote several drafts for new articles.


We finished one more experiment.

What do I want to improve?


I went to bed after midnight, which is later than I wanted.

Sweets and snacks

I haven’t eaten a steak in a while – I am eating too many fruits and vegetables.

Social media

I am still too much distracted by other web sites. I want to nib this behavior “in the bud”.


The bounce rate of visitors on my blog is still a bit high.


I still need to finish the figures.

How will I improve?


My habits are pretty much determined not by time, location or the amount of friends I have around, but by what I am doing before.

For example, if I start watching YouTube videos, I have an urge to keep watching. If I am playing a game, I don’t really want to stop.

So, to get to bed by 10 pm, I need to start doing things that are conducive to that behavior by ca. 8 pm. Reading a book, listening to music, reducing the time I spend on my computer etc.

Sweets and snacks

I will simply cook more meals with steak and/or chicken in it..

Social media

I will reduce the amount of items on my daily to-do list and focus on getting them done. The more items I have, the bigger the chances that I start too may tasks at once, and I become distracted in the process.


I am going to dedicate a bit more time to upgrading back links and the design of my blog


As I said before, I will dedicate my time over Thanksgiving to finish some of the figures.

NoNothingNovember continues: Day 27 tomorrow.

(a description of my #NoNothingNovember challenge: