NoNothingNovember, Day 27


 Time flies by!

November is almost over.

It has been pretty interesting so far:

#1 – It seems true that you need 3 weeks to ingrain a habit – since day 22/23, I don’t feel a big urge to take part in my vices anymore.

#2 – I have started to build up this blog.

#3 – I have even admitted something I feared (


I feel I have definitely grown this month, and NoNothingNovember was a great thing to do.

When I look back at this year, I can definitely say I am not the same person I was one year ago:

#1 – I have started to write every day. More than 750 words (3 pages).

#2 – I have started my own blog. You are reading it right now.

#3 – I have become more disciplined and focused and lost weight and body fat.

#4 – I have learned how to create happiness and achieve my goals.

#5 – I have started to read one book every one to two weeks.

#6 – I have met an awesome community with great people. Some of you I have even met in person.

#7 – I have almost completely gotten rid of my Approach Anxiety thanks to Good Looking Losers Approach Anxiety program

I feel truly blessed and thankful.

I am already thinking about my next challenges in december. More about that at a later point, but right now, three items come to mind:

I want to get back to working out more regularly.

I want to learn how to meditate.

I want to do one daring or unexpected thing per day. 

Could be something where I think: “oops, you probably should not do this”. Could also be living one day without computer. or write someone a real letter instead of an eMail. Whatever comes to my mind.

Let’s see what happens when I am deviating “from the norm” for one day every month.

What did I learn today?

After revealing my vulnerabilities yesterday (, I felt literally sick for hours afterwards. However, IMgrody reminded me in his comment that this community is all about supporting each others, so that made me look at the road ahead again. And – well, honestly, porn and masturbation is really not that big of a deal if you look at it.

However, there was a lot of fear that had built up over time, so in my mind I had blown this up way more than it deserved to be.  My admission sucked the air out of it.

What went well?

I realize that at this point of NoNothingNovember, I feel I am almost completely cured from my vices.

While there are still a few moments each day where I miss the “old ways”, I have started to change my perspective.

In the past, my vices served to distract myself from living my life truly the way I wanted to. They were almost becoming an addiction. Not anymore.


Instead of trying to work through the night, I make sure I get a little bit over 6 hours of sleep while still being able to wake up before 7 am the next day – because I am most productive in the morning.

Sweets and snacks

Instead of gorging on sweets with refined sugar, I am looking forward to a self-cooked “cheat meal” on the weekend, sweetened only with honey.

Social media

Instead of mindlessly clicking around on Facebook, I am thinking about ways to use Social Media as tools to put out word about myself and my website.


This blog was down for a couple of hours because the hosting company had to restart their server. In the past, I would have been freaked out and very annoyed. Instead, I just called the company and diverted my attention to a different project while they cleared up their servers.

What do I want to improve?


I am still getting to bed a little late. When I am working on my projects, I am not always as focused as I could be, then it takes longer than it should and I get to bed later than I want.

Sweets and snacks

I am still eating a bit irregularly, thanks to a schedule that is not always very organized.

Social media

I can still curb my overall internet use a bit more. A big distracting element was using eMail in between.


I still have this irrational behavior – when someone does not work but I clearly want it to work, I bang my head against the wall.

In this case, I clicked on “refresh” far too often.

How will I improve?


To put more focus on my projects, I will put less items onto my “To-Do Lists” – so that I can actually finish them.

Sweets and snacks

I will stick to specific times to eat and think about beforehand what it will be. If I open the fridge and grab some tomatoes, those may not be unhealthy, but the irregular times don’t make it healthy either.

Social media

I will restrict myself to checking my eMails each 30 minutes in the morning and evening.


If I feel I can not do anything and I am banging my head against the wall, I will change the room and do something else.

NoNothingNovember continues: Day 28 tomorrow.

(a description of my #NoNothingNovember challenge: