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    NoNothingNovember is almost done…

    Today is the last big push for upgrading and adding to my blog.

    I have a lot of free time over Thanksgiving.

    It is especially important that I stick to very regular schedule on these days, otherwise the free time is gone very fast.

    I realize that a regular job provides one big advantage – it provides an automatic schedule and structure for the day.

    It takes a little bit of a mindset shift to regard working on my blog as regular job.

    But every time I am writing on here, it is so fulfilling, because this work is completely mine. So I am starting the day and ending the day a happy person!

    What did I learn today?

    Sometimes I have to get rid of one set of distractions – my vices – to recognize others that are also holding me back.

    I realized that when I was at work – and I was pretty inefficient. Why? Because I was not well prepared.

    So my task for the end of this month and the next month is going to be to prepare y experiments better in advance and know precisely what I have to do every day.

    “Roughly” knowing what to do on a given day is just not gonna cut it anymore as long as I am still working two jobs.

    I rather put fewer items on my daily list and use the extra time to prepare for the next day.

    It may be a bit stressful, but it is such a great feeling when I am looking back at my day and realize I got everything do I wanted to.

    What went well?


    I got enough sleep and was not tired over the day.

    Sweets and snacks

    I had a trail mix in between meals, and I could not believe I was picking out the sweetened cranberries, without any qualms.

    So now I am at a stage where I am not even avoiding the sweets when they are mixed in with the rest of the food.

    Social media

    I did not really have time to check Twitter and Facebook, so there was no problem.


    I am glad I discovered “Bernie and Ert”. One of the few subtitled examples of German humor (


    For my Science Writing class, my assignment is to write an Op-Ed about a topic that interests me and is relevant to science.

    I have decided on one topic and have started to gather keywords and made a rough draft. I will talk a bit more about that once I have it finished tomorrow.

    What do I want to improve?


    There is not much that I want to improve here. Sometimes, I still wake up in the middle of the night and have a bit of an uneven sleep.

    Sweets and snacks

    There is nothing right now that I really want to improve… my relatives had sent me some Christmas cookies from Germany. In theory, I could eat them right away this coming monday, when NoNothingNovember is over. But this would run counter to every progress I made this november.

    Social media

    There is not directly anything I want to improve concerning Twitter and Facebook. However, sometimes I am still getting distracted. I am writing something and get the idea of checking something out online or text a friend.

    I have to learn to first finish the project I am directly working on, THEN follow up with my idea.


    I want to upgrade the design of this blog a bit more before november is over. My blog posts are a bit of an unsorted mess. It’s time to sort them and get them centrally accessible.

    How will I improve?


    There are two possible solutions to my uneven sleep:

    #1 – get more sleep – keep a schedule of 6.5 hours instead of 6.25 hours.

    #2 – go back to working out regularly, that will tire me out a bit more.

    I think it also helps to have a few big projects for each day instead of many smaller ones.

    All the little distractions just get my stress hormones up.

    Sweets and snacks

    I have decided to share my snacks with friends.

    Sharing snacks with friends is a great way to not overeat and still enjoy the candy.

    However – only after the 30th of november!

    Social media

    If I get a spontaneous idea, I will simply write it down and follow up on it after I am done with my current project.


    I will focus the next days on upgrading the structure of this blog.

    NoNothingNovember continues: Day 29 tomorrow.

    (a description of my #NoNothingNovember challenge: