NoNothingNovember, Day 29

Fearing what I write…

… once again, I have written an article I was afraid to write.

I needed a long time to get going.

Talking to your friends about something is one thing.

Speaking up to people that might be offended by what you write and leave is different.

That was a new experience for me. But reason enough to do it. Because that’s me.

For my homework assignment in Science Writing class, I chose to write about “Shirt Storm”.

Why did writing that article scare me?

Because I get the impression that not many people will agree with my opinion.

They might even be offended.

But I felt I had to speak up here.

It took me three times the amount of time I had planned, but I finished.

And I am happy that I did.

On other notes….

Tomorrow, I will give a last overview about progress in this month.

Suffice it to say right now that NoNothingNovember has added another level of happiness to my life.

In fact, it went so well that I will continue this challenge with slightly different goals into december.

What those will be? Fitness in body and mind and doing something unexpected every day.

I have written about these points in more detail here:

What did I learn today?

I finally added the last mosaique stone in becoming more productive:

I preplanned my activities for the day, including realistic projections of the time I need to finish my tasks.

In the past, I was just writing down what I wanted to do.

Then, some tasks would take much longer than I thought…

… and as a result, I would not finish my to-do list.

But now that I give myself a time estimate, I have a much more realistic chance of getting done what I wanted to do.

What went well?


Sleeping 6.5 hours seems the way to go for me – I was not tired anymore over the day.

Sweets and snacks

No cravings.

Social media

I don’t even feel any urge to distract myself with Social Media. I still keep contact to my friends via Facebook, but I only see it as a tool.


I stuck with my schedule of publishing one blog post per day.


I finished the Op-Ed for my Science Writing class – about Shirt Storm. See above for more information.

You can check my article here:

What do I want to improve?


I would like to get to bed earlier, so I can get up earlier the next day.

Sweets and snacks

Now that NoNothingNovember is almost over, I will allow myself some sweets, but I would like to avoid falling back into regular consumption of snacks.

Social media

For next month, I don’t want to get back into old habits and lose myself in Facebook and Twitter.


For the next month, I want to write more articles of general interest beyond journal posts.

How will I improve?


To get to bed earlier, it will plan out my to-do list so that I can actually finish my tasks for the day (see above: What did I learn today?)

Sweets and snacks

I will probably allow myself one cheat day per week… and instead of costuming store-bought food, I will continue cooking my “cheat meals” myself.


Social media

To use Facebook and Twitter as tools to get my “word out”, I will always think about a specific action I want to do when logging into Facebook or Twitter. That way, I don’t get easily distracted.


I will continue a journal, but I will only post once a week about my progress – and post articles of a more general interest on a daily base.

NoNothingNovember continues: Day 30 tomorrow.

(a description of my #NoNothingNovember challenge: