NoNothingNovember, Day 3

A description of the #NoNothingNovember challenge can be found here:

And the journey continues…

Day 3

Sleep – I slept 6 hours again. Easier than yesterday. What actually helps me is (1) that I am keeping my bedroom uncluttered and (2) that I just put a space heater in. The room was close to the street and therefore cold. Now, it is nice and cosy. It might be my German upbringing, I always crave “Gemütlichkeit”. The moral of the story: keep your bedroom happy and distraction free.

Sweets and snacks – it somehow came easier yesterday – aided by the fact that I am losing body fat. Even though the reason for that is probably more complex than omitting a couple of days of sweets, it looks like I am seeing direct results, which is very motivating.

Social Media – between reading, working on my manuscript at work and writing for my blog there was not much desire to engage in Facebook or Twitter. I posted my initial “Three Things I Am Grateful For” and sent a Facebook eMail to a friend, and that was it.

What have I achieved?

Manuscript – I have managed to finish 3 – 4 figure drafts. Now I only need to fill them up with individual panels.

I also made a new discovery from one of the experiments I was running! Which does not happen that often, as everyone working in Science knows.

Blog – so far, I have managed to write an article per day. This is a good pace and I am happy that I can keep my blog while still working on my manuscript (which takes the bulk of my time).

Had I have had less sleep and been distracted by Twitter – I probably would not have gotten  that much done.

NoNothingNovember continues: Day 4 tomorrow.