NoNothingNovember, Day 30

The Grand Finale!

What a great month it has been.

Some days were hard. Especially in the beginning.

But overall, I gained so many good experiences – and confidence in myself that I can handle any change in my behavior.

The biggest takeaway for me: It is possible to live a life that is true and honest to what I REALLY want.

I have many vices I want to change. I chose the ones for NoNothingNovember for a specific reason.

To stop reacting and start ACTING.

Get regular sleep – because it eliminates the possibility of doing what I want to do “last-minute”.

In the past, I distracted myself over the day and sacrificed my sleep to get projects done I had originally set out to do.

Abandon snacks and sweets – because it had become an addiction that screwed me out of money and health.

Instead of using my creativity to come up with new ideas, I just drowned my mind in an easy dopamine push.

Abandon Social Media (except for specific posts) – because I had started to just react to what others wrote.

Facebook, Twitter etc. are wonderful inventions, great tools to connect with your friends and exchange thoughts.

But they had just turned me into a mindless consumer.

How did the challenge go?


Goal: Get 6 hours of sleep every day.

Result: Apart from the morning of the 1st of november (when the challenge started), I have always slept 6 hours or more.

My average is 6.36 hours – or 6 hours and ca. 20 minutes.

Sleep Duration


Sweets and Snacks

Goal: Do not touch any store-bought sweets and snacks or anything that is made with refined sugar.

Result: I did not eat any snacks. I even picked out the sugared cranberries from trail mixes.

I spent 227.39 on groceries this month. The average from the six months before is $502.00

I thus saved $274.61 PER MONTH compared to my average spending before.

(That would be very close to covering a nice vacation, see

If you reduce carbs in your diet, you lose body fat.

I went from 25.3% to 22.9% body fat.

I lost 2.4% body fat over the month of november – 0.6% per week.

Body Fat and Weight Loss


Social Media

Goal: No commenting on other people’s threads.

Only logging into Facebook and Twitter when I can genuinely contribute something myself.

My Facebook and Twitter feeds proof that this was the only thing I did. 

The only other comment I left was something akin to a “thank you” note for a photo a friend took.

The feeds are much longer – contact me if you want to view the complete feeds, at flulrich[at]gmail[dot]com.

Facebook Feed





























Twitter Feed































The following goals are additions to the original vices – they are about things I wanted to accomplish.


Goal: Get this blog up and running. 

NoNothingNovember gave me the time and focus to start this blog and get it up and running.

I managed to post one article per day minimum.

I have posted 39 articles in total in november.

I have made some pages to consolidate my posts:

I have even earned $1.85 from the Amazon Affiliate program.


Goal: get all the pictures for the manuscript together.

I did not manage that.

However, I finished several experiments instead that we had tried a long time to get done.

So, I am still regarding the month of november a success for my manuscript.

I can now finish all the figures I wanted to, so we can still send the manuscript out in december.

Green Card

Goal: finish the Green Card application.

I have assembled the documents I needed, and today we will send them out to my employer to check over them.

They will then be sent off to US immigration authorities. Pretty happy about that.


I regard NoNothingNovember as a fantastic challenge.

Thanks, Kid Strangelove!

I have definitely grown doing it.

What will the future bring?

A new challenge. For the month of december, I will follow Victor Pride’s “30 Days of Discipline”, Robert Koch’s “Brains and Brawn” – they complement each other well.

I will focus on the following goals:

#1 – Meditation.

#2 – Workout.

#3 – Taking one unexpected/fearsome/extraordinary action per day.

(for a description of my #NoNothingNovember challenge and an overview of all posts, see: