NoNothingNovember, End of Second Week

My life is noticeably improving.

Time to look back at another week of the NoNothingNovember challenge. I am almost disappointed that two weeks are ALREADY done. Time just flies by.

And I am looking at some significant improvements compared with october or the months before.

What did I experience in my NoNothingNovember goals for the first two weeks?



Whereas I did not sleep in a regular manner AT ALL, most often less than 6 hours, in other words: not enough – I am now on a regular rhythm of a little over 6 hours. While drinking coffee still enhances my attention…

There are now days where I do not need any coffee at all.

Furthermore – and somewhat surprisingly -, I am still as efficiently – if not more so! – working on my tasks as I was before. The “missing time” that I now spend sleeping… it pays off the next day, when I need less time to finish my projects.

In addition, my stress levels are down. For example, right now I have still 1.5 hours to write this and one other post before I call it a day. I am focused, yet relaxed, since even if I don’t get this article written tonight, I know I will finish it tomorrow.

Sweets and snacks

Funny Ice Cream

Yesterday was my traditional “cheat day”. In the months before, that almost certainly meant I would stock up on sweets on friday and then indulge in cookies, chips and ice-cream on saturday. Needless to say, this made me lazy and almost completely destroyed the progress I made in terms of weight and body fat loss. In addition, I was bleeding money.

These problems are gone.

I have saved a whopping $204,64 on food since the beginning of november.

I have gone from 25.3% to 23.8% body fat.

Now here is the thing: the NoNothingNovember challenge has no cheat days. Yet, I still wanted to indulge a little bit.

So what to do? Cook my own sweet meal, based on fruits and honey… and my favorite right now is oatmeal with blackberries and fried apples.


So I ate one portion of it, froze away the rest, and when I was sitting in the bus a little later on my way to work, I realized that I was pretty full. And happy. Even now, 5 hours later, I don’t feel any more cravings for sweets.

Instead of shoving sweets and chocolate into my mouth and sometimes not even thinking about what I am eating…

I am now enjoying a whole meal that is every bit as sweet as it is healthy.

Social media

In past months, I could never even wait to get off work before I checked Facebook or my eMails.

Now, days go by where I am reading a book on my way home…

… and I am completely oblivious to my eMail account!

There is one additional observation I made:

I am connecting to more people in person.

I can’t use Social Media to do that anymore.

What have I achieved in these first two weeks of November?


We are still doing necessary experiments. That’s good.

However, I still need to become better organized and focussed so I can work on assembling the figures for our manuscript.

That’s one area that will benefit most from further improvements. Luckily, I still have time to reach my goals of finishing all figures for which we already have data by the end of november.


I have realized over the past two weeks that I can publish one blog post per day, which is good. These “Dear Diary” entries follow a clear structure, and I need 30 – 60 minutes finishing one such blog post.

Beyond that, articles normally take longer, though I am fairly quick “rambling on” about any topic.

Since I am writing every day for more than half a year, I now have literally hundreds of drafts collected over the past eight months.

I need to edit them, add pictures etc. – and I should be able to come up with 2 – 3 of these articles per week, maybe even daily.

What takes much longer in general is editing the layout of my blog. I am just not used to drawing graphics, choosing the best colors, the right perspectives etc. This will be an interesting new part for me to learn. I expect I’ll become faster eventually, as well.


I may have mentioned before that I am doing 100 push ups, squats and sit-ups every day. As a result, my arms are growing. It’s cool to watch. Here is the most notable improvement over the last weeks: I used to hate squatting, now though…

Where I had to bend down before to pick something up, I can now just squat without problems.

I would have never thought NoNothingNovember would be that life changing, but I am finally getting rid of some of the most destructive vices I had.

NoNothingNovember continues: Day 16 tomorrow.

(a description of my goals for the #NoNothingNovember challenge can be found here: