One Year Of Discipline, Day 5

A description of the “One Year Of Discipline” challenge can be found here.

Today, I woke up at 5 am, despite going to bed at midnight. 5 hours of sleep. Not really great, but I am happy I got my day started at 5 am. It seems daunting at first, being up that early (and I do need more sleep), but once you do it, you realize that you have so much time in the day left to do what you want to do. It’s fantastic.

The second point that I liked about this day is that I prepared the draft for my lab meeting I have to give this coming thursday. In the past, I have always waited until the last minute to do it. This time I have focussed on the draft first – now I know what to put into the power pint slides, and I can do exclusively that.

Keeping a blog next to my “normal” day job taught me already being more efficient.

On to the “beef” of day 5.

Below you will find

(a) a quick description how I fared on my main goals – losing body fat, working on my blog, installing good habits;

(b) my thoughts for the day;

(c) how the rest of the program went and whether there were any irregularities or other noteworthy points.

Day 5

Losing body fat

Back to 24%. After avoiding any unhealthy foods the day before – I have to keep in mind that those are just fluctuations. Sometimes effects just take longer to show up. I can’t wait for the next day!

What did I eat today (after I measured my body fat)?

Breakfast: Coffee, eggs, protein shake.

Afternoon: Steak and broccoli.

Evening: Chicken and asparagus.

120 push-ups, squats and sit-ups each. 25 push-ups, 54 squats and 81 sit-ups were in the form I liked.


Working on my blog

I published my day 4 entry.

Continued reading the Franklin autobiography, review will be coming at the end of the week.

If you already want to check it out, you can click here.

(Disclaimer: if you buy the book via that link, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

I started to put together a small eBook about habits that I’ll have a s gift for future eMail list subscribers. So I’m back to frantically writing. I still believe writing is the most important part for when you’re having a blog. The rest will fall into place over time.



(a) Emotional Health: I normally have a quick lunch with my friends or for myself. This day I decided to join other people for lunch with whom I would normally not have much to do – was great fun and made me happy.

(b) Spiritual Health: I continued the Happiness Habit. What was I grateful for?

1. Thank God It’s Monday.
2. Feeling like a newborn person.
3. Keeping my diary every day.

(c) Mental Health: Here are my 10 ideas for the day:

11 ways to abandon the habit of internet surfing during 5 minute breaks.

  1. Walking around during breaks.
  2. Talking to people.
  3. Relocate your working space to a different room.
  4. Read a book.
  5. Cook some tea or coffee.
  6. Clean a space you always wanted to take care of.
  7. Compete with a buddy on who can get the most work done.
  8. Set deadlines with positive rewards (e.g. cookies) when you keep the deadline vs. negative consequences when you don’t get your work done (e.g. $10 contribution to the “coffee register”).
  9. Take your favorite book/activity that is NOT internet related and tend to it during your 5 min break.
  10. Ban all internet browsers from your computer.
  11. If you don’t really need the computer for work, leave it switched off to begin with.


Thoughts for the day

What did I do well?
I was much more accessible and social today.

What do I want to improve?
I felt tired throughout the day.

How will I improve?
I will go for 6.5 instead of 6 hours of sleep per night and see whether that is sufficient.

How did the rest of “30 Days of Discipline” go?

All fine, no big hurdles to overcome. It really helps that much of the disciplines can be done in the morning.

To check the description of the “One Year of Discipline” challenge, click here.