One Year Of Discipline, Day 6

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I went to the gym today, and while I was finishing off with some cardio, I had the dubious “blessing” to watch some daytime TV. Health tips.

Quite funny. Big show. First, we learnt how to avoid heartburn. But “avoiding” is not quite how they put it.

It was the “WAR” against heartburn. And mind you, there were “land mines” and “IEDs” that we had to avoid, mainly: acidic food. Ok… did not think that that was a problem, but something wasn’t quite right. Then I realized.

We were fed tips for healthy living from a doctor who was morbidly obese himself.

The food he recommended did look healthy. It just sets a weird tone if the guy promoting his products is himself not a living example of what he teaches. I doubt that he really lives his avocado breakfast diet with a few nuts in between. The whole show seemed to consist more of feel good pep talks than helping people change their lives.

And for the case you fall off the healthy living wagon, the good doctor had you covered: if you gorge on evil acidic tomato sauce with your pasta, just drink or eat something alkaline afterwards. In other words: eat more. To become healthy. You don’t know what to eat? Wait, Mr. Television has you covered here as well. Commercials. Reese’s chocolates as well as pop tarts filled with strawberry jam.

Nothing against taking it slow in the beginning, but if the whole event that is aimed at selling you a fundamental change in your life already falls flat in showing that change… it’s kind of pointless.

A couple of years ago, my reaction to this show and the advertisements would have been: cool, I can eat some chocolate. How did they know I would fall off the wagon? Geniuses.

Watching a TV program where they just tell me how healthy we can eat would have been enough to make me think I am actually getting healthy.

It’s not just the US, though.

We had a snack, called “Kindermilchschnitte” – “Children’s Milk Slice”. We ate it in school. A milk cream sandwich (similar to an ice cream sandwich).

The advertisements made it look healthy by displaying a farmer pouring a whole can of milk. Of course, it was anything BUT healthy. Full of sugar.

I am happy that I found so much motivation on this part of the internet that I can free myself from the lure of such ads and TV programming.

People spend $100 – $200 per month on such nonsense. $12,000 – $24,000 in ten years. Time they could have spent with their family. Or on their own hobbies. On exploring the world. On founding a business that will make them financially independent. JUST BY DITCHING THE TV!!! And the time they save? Wild guess: 3 hours per evening. Almost 4 full days per month.

Ah, the lost opportunities. Shaking My Head (SMH).

Speaking of time:

It would be great if I could keep this blog without my day job, much less stress. On the other hand, our biggest wins come when we are under pressure… so I am going to use that to keep me motivated. I have learnt this aspect from another blog, the Pressure Project. They are based in New York City and talk about politics, Martial Arts and being strong. They also have a cool podcast.

On to the “beef” of day 6.

Below you will find

(a) a quick description how I fared on my main goals – losing body fat, working on my blog, installing good habits;

(b) my thoughts for the day;

(c) how the rest of the program went and whether there were any irregularities or other noteworthy points.

Day 6

Losing body fat

Down to 23.7% again So maybe now I will finally be on the “losing track”.

What did I eat today (after I measured my body fat)?

Breakfast: Coffee, eggs, protein shake.

Afternoon: Steak and broccoli.

Evening: I just downloaded Mike Cernovich’s new book about juicing and started to make a “beginner juice”: 1 apple, 4 carrots, ginger. It tasted delicious, and I will try to add juices to my next dinners. More about that in the future. I already knew about “juicing” from following Danger and Play, and 30 Days to X also talks about the benefits of juicing. On first glance, Mike’s juicing eBooks have a ton of extra information and more than 70 different recipes. So I can start it now for good. I will incorporate some of his recipes into my journal and write a review about it a month down the line or so. So far, they are a joy to read and have tons of information. If you feel already brave, you can check them out here (*)

In the morning, I am glad I could increase the number of “good form” reps: 30 push-ups, , 60 squats and 90 sit-ups properly done. In total, 120 reps of each exercise again.

As I mentioned above, I also went to the Gym. Around lunch time, nobody was there, and I could use all of the machines I needed.

I want to get back into a real Gym routine, and on the long run, I will do Victor Pride’s “Body of a Spartan”. However, since I haven’t gone more than 10 days in the last year, I think it makes sense to use a program that includes a lot of machines – to get a feel for my muscles first. The program I use is the Kris Gethin transformation program – I am not using his diet and supplementation schedule, but instead orient myself on what Goodlookingloser recommends. The Ephedra extract, the BCAAs and the Beverly’s protein powder taste good and have worked well for me in the last year.

So… first day in the Gym – the goal is to do 15 – 20 reps until failure. I was able to push a lot more weight than I thought I could and I was too hesitant to REALLY push it to failure. Silly. Next time I am going at it a bit harder. Though I have to say, after the gym, I was pretty pumped out and tired. I definitely felt my legs.

Leg Press: 12x 80 lbs, 12x 100, 12x 120, 12x 140, 12x 140, 20x 160, 40x 180, 25x 220, 20x 300

Hamstring/Leg curl: 15x 50, 15x 60, 15x 70, 15x 80, 15x 90

Lying Hamstring curl/Glute: 15x 62.5, 15x 75, 15x 100, 15x 125, 15x 150.

I could not go further up with the weights on that machine, because 150 lbs was the max. Still can’t believe it.

Leg extensions: 20x 50, 20x 60, 20x 80, 20x 100. Here, my muscles started burning. I came close to failure here. My legs started to become warm.

Hack-Squat: 20x 90, 20x 90, 20x 140, 30x 140, 30x 180.

20 min cardio on bicycle to finish it off.

I have probably used a lot of momentum instead of actual muscle groups. It will get better while I get used to it.

Ad as an extra challenge, next leg day, I will go for lifting my complete body weight on the hack squat machine: ca. 225 lbs.

Working on my blog

I published my day 5 entry, and I am publishing day 6 right now.

Continued reading the Franklin autobiography.

If you already want to check it out, you can click here.

(Disclaimer: if you buy the book via that link, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

Worked further on my eBooklet for the eMail list and then I can hopefully FINALLY get a list going.



(a) Emotional Health: My friends came back from holiday, so we chatted a bit.

(b) Spiritual Health: I continued the Happiness Habit. What was I grateful for?

1. Getting my life in order.
2. Having clear goals.
3. Having the last document sent in for getting my Green Card.

Exactly, you read that right: In all likelihood, I will now get my Green Card and be able to choose to do any job or business in the US by summer of this year. Woo hoo!

(c) Mental Health: Here are my 10 ideas for the day:

10 ideas for fiction that includes history
1. Biographies of people that lived 100+ years through the lens of present people. e.g. tell Mozart’s life through the lens of a modern rock star
2. Big changes impacting individuals. e.g. an indigenous tribesman that finds himself on board a mission to Mars.
3. A potential dystopian future of the US when things take the same turn as they did for the Romans 2 millennia ago.
4. Dinosaur Diaries – how a family of Brontosaurus resolved their conflict with the neighboring tribe of T. Rexes. A children’s book.
5. What would history look like if Columbus had turned back before discovering the US?
6. What would history look like if the Native Americans Indians would have discovered Europe instead?
7. Adam and Eve from the viewpoint of the snake.
8. How the Vikings became the first Native American Indians.
9. A detective novel in Germany without World War I and II.
10. A history of mankind if we could travel in time, but not leave our position.

Thoughts for the day

What did I do well?
Got up early.

What do I want to improve?
1. Stuck too much with Twitter.
2. I think I need too long in the morning when I did not have 6.5 hours of sleep.

How will I improve?
1. Radically restrict internet surfing to place tweets and comments, quick check any news and LEAVE.
2. Go to bed at 10 pm, shut down at 9 pm.

How did the rest of “30 Days of Discipline” go?

All fine, no big hurdles to overcome. It really helps that much of the disciplines can be done in the morning.

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