One Year Of Discipline, Days 1 and 2

A description of the “One Year Of Discipline” challenge can be found here.

This is my start into the journey.

Below you will find

(a) a quick description how I fared on my main goals – losing body fat, working on my blog, installing good habits;

(b) my thoughts for the day;

(c) how the rest of the program went and whether there were any irregularities or other noteworthy points.

Day 1 and 2

Losing body fat

I started with 23.2% on 01/01/15, then went up to 24.0% on the next day. Keep in mind that these measurements can fluctuate from day-to-day (I am using a device recording my skin conductance to measure my body fat).

The way I am trying to reduce my body fat is by eating less carbs (see here and here for an explanation). So what did I eat? On 01/01/15, I had eggs, coffee and protein shake, then a chicken salad (which I purchased at the Deli) for lunch and blackberry oatmeal for dinner. There was probably too much hidden sugar in the salad, so I will not get my salads from the Deli anymore. The blackberry oatmeal is supposed to contain “healthy” carbs, but carbohydrates are still carbohydrates. So I will try to reduce that as well.

I did more than the required 100 push-ups, squats and sit-ups. -> 120 each. I wanted to go beyond 100 to really push my limit.

Working on my blog

I published two articles – one book review about James Altucher’s Chose Yourself and the introductory post to One Year Of Discipline.

That’s one article per day so far. I am happy with that.

Yet, I am still not as efficient as I could be. I am letting myself get too distracted. I am writing something, I get an idea, then I go on a tangent with that thought. As a result, my writing becomes a mile wide and an inch deep. The problem with distractions is not that they interrupt my work. They interrupt the flow. If I start doing something, my thoughts become more and more focussed over time. I gain momentum. If I distract myself, my flow stops, and now I have to regain the momentum, which costs an additional effort.

Therefore, I am now setting small deadlines with specific goals – such as “finish the draft until 2 pm”, take a small break, then “insert the links until 3 pm”, “proof read until 5 pm” etc. A goal such as “write the article today”  is too vague and opens the door for distractions.


(a) Emotional Health: I talked to almost everyone in my family on New Year’s day, which was great. I did not talk to many people on the second day of january, which I definitely have to improve.

(b) Spiritual Health: I continued the Happiness Habit. What was I grateful for?

1. That it’s easier for me now to keep a straight posture.
2. Starting 2015 early in the morning.
3. A warm apartment.

1. Friends and family.
2. More visitors on my blog.
3. My space heater
4. Getting work done.

I am also keeping the list of the day on the upper right corner of my blog.

(c) Mental Health: Here they are…


Ways to improve
1. Better design -> it needs to be beautiful. Get a logo from; professional help for details
2. Offer multiple avenues of interaction -> blog posts, consulting sessions, courses, YouTube, podcasts etc.
3. Show more of yourself -> bleed in your posts. Have a YouTube video. Show people your identity.
4. Show what you are going through -> keep a daily log/journal.
5. Offer content for free -> e.g. books
6. Put a good contact form up -> can be done in Divi theme
7. Advertise on social media. -> better presence on Facebook, twitter etc.
8. Daily posts, no matter how small. Quantity. Show up.
9. Write 2 – 3 great content posts per week.
10. Do the appropriate back linking.


Ways of implementing Star Trek technology in everyday life.
1. Visor – retinal implants… already in production.
2. Photon torpedoes – medical probes that implode close to a tumor and burn the cells away.
3. Beaming – 3D printing an umbrella from a small device. Always stable umbrellas that can be stored in a pocket!
4. Holodeck – a pocket force field generator that deflects rain away from you without umbrella.
5. Universal speech generator – we need to come up with universal speech that can be used to warn future generations about nuclear waste sites.
6. Warp drive – we could use controlled matter-antimatter fusions to destroy dirt – a new generation of vacuum cleaners.
7. Phaser – a knife that never becomes dull.
8. Kidney regeneration – we could regrow meat in the comfort of our kitchen.
9. Virtual time delay – we could have quality time with someone who is dying.
10. First directive – we could simulate life in a different culture. Afterwards, we could decide whether we really want that culture or not. If yes, we can peacefully change. If not, we keep as it is.

Thoughts for the day

What did I do well?
I went hard at the calisthenics exercises.

What do I want to improve?
I could have still pushed myself to exhaustion, but did not.

How will I improve?
It’s mostly in my head. The fear of failure. Incremental change of routine numbers will yield push your comfort zone further every time.


How did the rest of “30 Days of Discipline” go?

I got through all of the points from 30 DOD more or less easily.

On New Year’s day, I woke up at 5:30 am – VERY happy about that. On the second day, I got up at 7 am, which was the last time point that would still be counted as a success. Though essentially, the earlier I wake up, the better.

Cold showers are ok, I don’t mind them anymore. I have to say though that there are more pleasant pastimes than having a cold shower in winter. Plus my hair is long, so it takes extra time to wash the shampoo out of it. But it feels sooo good once it is done.

As you can see above, I wrote down a lot of notes. I also planned the next day on the evening on the day before, so I can just start directly crossing off stuff from my list the next day.

Day 3 will be a saturday, which I have declared to be my weekly “Cheat Day”. I will still follow most of the points in 30 DOD, because it actually makes me happy.

To check the description of the “One Year of Discipline” challenge, click here.