One Year Of Discipline: First Week Of February.


First Week February


Apologies for not posting more during the last week. I will be back soon with more frequent posts and probably a slight change of this blog’s direction. More then.

Today’s content is simply a look back at the first week of february and how I fared in my goals and my daily habits, as well as the One Year Of Discipline challenge.

#1 – Career

(a) Lab work

It is truly invigorating. Here I was, my days passing me by. Days that looked all the same. Minimal progress, seeming tedious at best, insignificant at worst. I did not think there was anything new happening. I wanted out and dedicate myself fully to this blog and other possible endeavors. Yet… I am discovering that under our new deadline and competition, I am back to my old self, focusing intensely on the topic at hand. See also this post for a glimpse on how to work under a deadline and/or time constraint.


(b) This blog

Well, I failed in introducing the changes into my blog that I had mentioned last week.

Let’s repeat the most important ones so that I won’t make the mistake again.

(a) I will keep my daily journal posts and focus more on my personal journey through One Year Of Discipline.

(b) I will keep the daily YouTube videos.

(c) I will post 2 or 3 articles of a more general interest per week.

(d) I will make my blog more homogenous and focus on the areas that I have experience in. (#1) – happiness and what it means for me; (#2) book reviews and biographies. (#3) articles about science. Politics, interesting research, careers.

#2 – Health

(a) Workout

Daily Calisthenics:

For whatever reason, I could not extend my push-ups beyond 20 repetitions at first, then followed by 10x 10 reps. they were all complete, with my nose almost to or touching the ground. I think it is all in my head. I should just aim for 21 reps, then 9 x 11 reps. Gradually improving.

Squats I could do in one session. I am automatically going down further than before, although the move upwards is not as explosive as I would like it, and I am kind of slow. Again, my mind plays games on me. I am scared of “letting myself fall down” for the downwards squatting motion. Maybe aiming at letting myself “fall down” a bit less deep then before might overcome my mind playing tricks on me?

Sit-ups were relatively easy, although I have to take care to not use momentum to propel myself up. It is much more difficult to move my upper body up by constricting my abs and not pushing my shoulders and my head forward, but I think that’s how sit-ups are supposed to be done.

(b) Nutrition

My body fat percentage has stayed pretty much the same throughout the week: hovering around 22.1%.

That’s not good enough. I had Mozzarella with Tomatoes several times the week. Maybe that was too much fat after all? And maybe i am losing too much muscle tissue, I did not eat any meat this week. Very strange. I will make sure I have steak at least once a day and then see how my body fat percentage goes in the coming week.

(c) Sleep

I caught up a bit more on sleep than the week before, but still, I failed to cling to regular sleep times. That will be my #1 focus during the coming week.

#3 – Social Life

(a) Friends and family

I did not keep up as much as I wished with my family – I want this to become better. Today is the anniversary of my Grandmother’s death, so I called my Mom to lend some support.

I also caught up with a good friend whom I haven’t seen much in a couple of months – so that’s good as well.

(b) Colleagues

Since we have now competition on my project at work, I find it especially important to step up and be in very frequent contact with my colleagues who are helping me on the project. I really want to get our “team” together, so I like just being present and talking with each others over a cup of coffee. I hope that has helped.

#4 – Habits

Here is the list from 30 Days of Discipline – and how I fared:

1. Eat three meals or less: That went well, I often had breakfast and then nothing over the day, followed by a quick dinner in the evening. I am, however, not taking enough time for eating and preparing meals. So I just eat some Mozzarella with Tomatoes in the evening – that’s not healthy if I do it every day. See above.

2. Get up between 5 and 7 am: I got up between 6 and 7 am, more geared towards 7 am – and was often still tired. The only way to solve that is to actually go to sleep on time, no matter what.

3. Cold showers: Every day one cold shower. No mercy.

4. No Porn and Masturbation: It went a bit better this week than in January. Still difficult to do, but I think what happened is I put more and more of my energy into work.

5. 100 push-ups/squats/sit-ups minimum: 120 each, every day. See above.

6. Dress to impress, dress for success: I got my boots fixed at the Shoemaker’s, so now my outfit is complete again. Never dressed sloppy. It makes a huge difference on my productivity and energy.

7. Make a to-do list: This is a solid staple of my daily habits – every evening, I am making the list for the next day. I am not doing the list completely from scratch, since several points are repetitive, but still.

The bigger challenge is to restrict myself to a handful of items – I tend to fill up my list with too much. What helps me here is to put a time estimate on each item, so I know what I can accomplish and what not.

8. Stand tall and proud: I put my shoulders back automatically and straighten out my back when I walk. The more I work out, the more automatic this will become.

9. No excuses/explanations/BS: No problems here.

10. Keep those ideas written down: I have written down a ton of notes. But notes are useless if I don’t take action on them.

Therefore, I have consolidated the notes into: What went well? What do I want to improve – and how?

See extra text box above.

11. My purpose: I am working on my blog and in the lab on a daily base. I almost don’t have time for anything else.

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