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30 Days of Discipline

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After my positive experience with NoNothingNovember, I decided to kick the year 2015 off with Victor Pride’s “30 Days of Discipline”.

This time, there is an important twist, though.

I already did “30 DOD” in spring 2014, you can see my review here.

Several others have also provided video reviews, see for example here, here and here.

However… I have decided to up the ante. This year, I have several goals that are just easier to achieve when I am keeping a routine of discipline all the time.

I will do “30 Days of Discipline” for a whole year.

I must be crazy. But there, I said it, and there is no going back for me now!

One year of cold showers and getting up between 5 and 7 am each morning.

One year without snacks (with the exception of one cheat day per week).

One year where I have to actually go out and date if I want to have sex.

But also one year in which I make sure I walk upright and look people in the eye each day.

One year in which I dress my best.

One year of steady note taking.

One year in which I focus on getting closer to my goals every single day.

And I hope I can inspire you – so you can say, if Florian can follow his goals and move towards his dreams, so can I.

I will provide you with daily updates on my progress for the month of january, and afterwards document my progress weekly.

This is a great way to hold myself accountable for my goals.

“30 Days of Discipline” will now not just be something that I do to test my limits for one month. It will become part of my life. Every day is a goal in and of itself, just as I have mentioned in my review of Jeff Olson’s Slight Edge.

To be honest, I am actually really curious where I will be by the end of the year.

What are my goals? What do I want to accomplish in 2015?



I want to be at 8% body fat by the end of 2015.

I am currently between 23 and 24%, and even though that is less than the 29% I had at the beginning of 2014, it is still not enough.

How do I get down to 8%? By eating a low carb diet, similar to what Chris from Good Looking Loser recommends, and doing the calisthenics from “30 Days of Discipline”. I will also supplement that with a workout several days a week.

If you look at my photo from two days ago, you will see that there is a lot of room of improvement. Don’t be scared though, it’s just me 😉

Start One Year Of Discipline frontal 010115

Start One Year Of Discipline 010115



I want this blog to be profitable by the end of 2015.

At the very least, that means getting more money out that I invest.

Ideally, it means earning $50 a day online.

I don’t want to play around with lots of SEO and rather focus on providing more content. I believe just like “30 Days of Discipline”, you have to focus on doing the most important work first, and then additional goals grow out of it. That means continuing to write. Then, with regular content, I can implement more SEO strategies, update the design etc.


James Altucher has inspired me, beyond working out, to:

(a) Come up with 10 ideas per day.

(b) Listening to at least one person per day. And I mean LISTEN, not just “hello” and “goodbye”.

(c) Live in the present moment – which means continuing my Happiness Habit and refocusing my thoughts if they linger in the past or worry about the future.

Since I also still have a regular day job as a scientist, my main focus is on building up this blog – working out and cultivating habits is something that will (hopefully) not take that much time.

I have lots of other things I want to accomplish this year, but I can’t dilute my focus too much.

Going down to 8% body fat, building up the blog, even the habits – this is all pretty much new for me, so I need to work HARD at it and NOT “smart” – I can’t cut corners.

For working harder, not smarter – check out this post by GoodLookingloser.

I will start posting the daily journal entries tomorrow.

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