One Year Of Discipline, Day 47

No general introduction today – also part of my learning process. The last two weeks, I would not post anything at all if I did not have a larger article to write as an introduction. However, since this is also a log of my journey, simply posting the progress along “One Year Of Discipline” should be enough to keep my blog active.

Enjoy the read!

Summary of Day 47

#1 – Career

(a) Lab work

I finished one figure as well as one experiment. Ironically, only now I realize that even if I focus as much as possible, some tasks just take up their time. I used to chide myself for not working hard enough when in fact my main problem was a bad organization of my schedule.

(b) This blog

I reached out via Facebook to the “Smart Passive Income” community and will soon start a Mastermind group – of course, I am happy about that.

#2 – Health

(a) Workout

Daily Calisthenics:

31 push-ups in proper form. Then, finished out to 120 reps in one go, albeit I only went halfway down. Still, what a great way to show persistence to yourself at the dawn of the day. This ties back to my initial outline above – the more I get done by the beginning of the day, the happier I am.

(b) Nutrition

Body Fat Percentage: 21.4%

Morning: eggs and coffee.

Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich.

Dinner: Steak with Brokkoli and Eggs, Mozzarella.

(c) Sleep

Much to my shame I have to admit I only slept from 4 am to 6 am. That means that I have to sleep now close to 7 hours every night for the rest of the week if I want to be at 6 hours average.

#3 – Social Life

I talked a lot with my coworkers about the project. This is not only straight job talk. This is some form of community or “tribe“, because we are building something together. So it’s emotionally relieving.

#4 – Habits

Here is the list from 30 Days of Discipline – and how I fared:

1. Eat three meals or less, no snacks: done

2. Get up between 5 and 7 am: I got up at 6 am. Ok.

3. Cold showers: check

4. No Porn and Masturbation: check

5. 100 push-ups/squats/sit-ups minimum: no problem

6. Dress to impress, dress for success: check

7. Make a to-do list: done

8. Stand tall and proud: always

9. No excuses/explanations/BS: I am not even thinking about that anymore. It has become so much second nature.

10. Keep those ideas written down:

What did I do well?
1. Woke up early. Went to work immediately. Focusing.
2. Had my desk cleaned up before starting to work.
3. Got to my calisthenics without much of a delay.

What do I want to improve?
Too tired. It is tracking embarrassing to drop your iPad in the train because you fall asleep.

How will I improve?
Simply make sure I get my minimum 6 hours of sleep.

Additional ideas
Immediately before falling asleep, I will think about the start in the next day – and visualize the start of my day with all the tasks I will be doing. That should get me into the right mood from the getgo.

11. My purpose: Blog and work. I took care of them. See above.

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