One Year Of Discipline, Day 48: Abundance

One Year Of Discipline

The following article is directly inspired by another blog post from It has clarified an important concept for me. My take on Mike’s article may be different from yours, so please don’t hesitate to check his article out.

Especially these days I am so much more excited about what I do than I was just a couple of years ago. I sometimes, however, still feel a lull in motivation. Mike’s article suggests to – in that case – go back to the basics – to find out in which situation I felt unstoppable. Remember what I did in those situations… and try to recreate what made me happy then.

I do not want to expand further on the concepts Mike has laid out there.

Instead, I would like to touch on one concept that came to my mind when I read his article.


There are two different situations when I personally feel unstoppable.

#1: Early morning.

(a) I am alone.

(b) I am writing.

(c) It is 5 am.

(d) I am at home.

(e) I feel great because the whole day is in front of me.

If I have enough of those days, I feel free, because I have achieved something on my own. I did not take anyone else’s orders. I did not follow other people’s agenda. I acted on what I myself wanted.

In a more poetic expression – I have taken the rough clay of the day and molded it onto something tangible. When I stand there, at 5 am, and the sun is about to get up, I am the first person to act and weld the new day into shape.

By 8 am, the day is still waking up, yet I have already created something. As a result, the time that’s ahead of me feels endless. Nothing can faze me, since I just created something out of nothing without using up any time at all. At least that’s how it feels.

If I have enough of these mornings – or, really, once I do these mornings regularly thanks to 30 Days Of Discipline – I enjoy being with people. That is situation #2 where I feel unstoppable.

#2: Any time with people.

(a) I am with friends.

(b) Whatever I do, it’s all good.

(c) I feel amazing when there is a back and forth of great emotions.

(d) I can be anywhere.

(e) I feel great because I am spending time with people.

And by the way, this of course includes sex ;-).

How are both situations connected?

What connects both situations is abundance. In #1, I feel I have abundant time. In #2, it feels like time actually stands still, and there is an abundant amount of great emotions and experiences.

This also points out pretty clearly where I want to be headed – getting my work done and spending more time with friends. Eating healthy and working out probably helps, because the less dozed in I am by junk food, the better I can get my work done and enjoy spending time with people.

Isn’t that the best motivation to abandon senseless internet surfing, junk food and over thinking things and waiting too long before getting started with anything?

Speaking of overthinking – this extends to my working life as well. Ideally, I am working on projects that are important for ME, so I should never get so insecure that I replace doing with thinking and doubting. If it happens, though, I read this article from that I highly recommend.

What do I do when I do get into a funk?

By actually following Mike’s advice of going back to the basics, I discovered that abundance is one of my very basic needs and desires.

That means that any time I get depressed in the pursuit of my goals, it is very likely that I can’t imagine there is abundance in my life. What do I do then?

I talk to friends. Something simple as inviting a colleague to coffee makes me happy again, because I know that just by giving something, I can receive millionfold back.

Summary of Day 48

#1 – Career

(a) Lab work

Not much new, we are proceeding further for our manuscript. I hope we will be able to send it out quite soon.

(b) This blog

It is not easy to always find the time to post. But I rather post, even if the articles are shorter, than wait until they are pitch-perfect. At least for now.

#2 – Health

(a) Workout

Daily Calisthenics:

32 push-ups in proper form. Then, finished them out, going halfway down, until I had 120. I still have some energy in the tank. 120 squats and 120 sit-ups in one go thereafter.

(b) Nutrition

Body Fat Percentage: 21.6%

Morning: eggs and coffee.

Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich.

Dinner: Mozzarella with tomatoes.

(c) Sleep

4 hours of sleep. I am getting slightly better.

#3 – Social Life

I focused almost exclusively on my work, though I did strike up some conversations with strangers, so I tried to not be completely absorbed by my profession.

#4 – Habits

Here is the list from 30 Days of Discipline – and how I fared:

1. Eat three meals or less, no snacks: 3 meals.

2. Get up between 5 and 7 am: I got up at 6:45 am. Ok.

3. Cold showers: check

4. No Porn and Masturbation: check

5. 100 push-ups/squats/sit-ups minimum: See above, no problem

6. Dress to impress, dress for success: check

7. Make a to-do list: I routinely do this

8. Stand tall and proud: always

9. No excuses/explanations/BS: check

10. Keep those ideas written down:

What did I do well?
Getting to work right after getting up

What do I want to improve?
Starting my blog much faster after I get home.

How will I improve?
Know what I will write about or do before I come home. Otherwise switching between lab work and blog becomes too energy-intensive. I prefer to give as much energy as possible to whatever I do, so switching from one task to another becomes very energy-intensive.

11. My purpose: Blog and work. I took care of them. See above.

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