Ripley’s World: The Pen Moment

Is Ripley’s World Worth Reading?

There are so many endless blogs and books and broadcasts from people who promise a better life, becoming rich in ten days and the ability to love one thousand women in one year.

Quite frankly, I think this is all total nonsense and a waste of time. There are definitely ways to get rich quick (while still legal). There certainly are some safe ways that are easy to do.

But a formula to make everyone rich in short time without working contradicts various laws (which I might follow up upon in a later post).

What really works for anyone who wants it bad enough is a long-term plan which can lead to great prosperity.

I am working in sales since 21 years. As the saying goes, that means I sell a product to the end customer.

In concrete terms, this means I sell mortgage loans to bank customers as an independent sales representative.

Over those 21 years, I have built up a five-digit (albeit small five-digits) monthly income plus almost $ 2 million in real estate assets, which yield a rental income of $ 6,500 per month.

I mention these numbers only as a guide. I myself will not earn more. I will not build up a a three-digit million dollar fortune by the end of my life and I will never earn six figures a month.

Within this framework, I can indeed tell you how you can achieve riches. Attainable for every hard-working person. Not so bold as “I’ll make you a millionaire in 3 simple steps”, but understandable and repeatable.

Since that is the formula for success: To achieve measurable objectives through repeatable actions.

A one-time sales success is like hot air: it fizzles. Only if I can repeat what brings me money, no matter what it looks like, I can speak of success!


The Pen Moment

Perceptual filters.

They determine our lives.

You will see a butterfly and think you see it with neutral eyes, completely unaffected, the way it is.

Far from it. The human eye can neither see ultraviolet nor infrared light. The colors on the wings are caused by refraction of light.

You could even have a visual impairment. Particles in the air can change the impression of colors. Light and brightness may alter your visual experience.

Belief filters.

They also govern our lives.

In some African tribes, you can sue spirits. These are real trials, part of the society.

If I can prove that your Grandfather’s spirit destroyed my harvest, YOU are liable for it. Why not? (if you like to see a link to this: Google helps. What do you mean? read Schlauchfuzius later).

In other words:

The world as we perceive it does not exist

If the world does not exist, then I don’t need to adhere to its rules. I can just walk across a red light, run people over with my car – and if a cop aimed a gun at me, I can just laugh at him and walk away. Right.

Unfortunately, there’s the thing with the pen.

Belief filters – that are just a part of the perceptual filters -, neurological limitations, cultural or societal restrictions and linguistic or individual limitations, give us a distorted picture of the true world and restrict the term “reality”.

Having $100 in my hands is indeed real, though. No matter what I think, these are $100. It’s called “facts“, and it has nothing to do with filters of any kind.

“Success” lives in the intersection of reality and perception.

In general, success is defined as achieving a goal. This goal must therefore be a measurable value that can be attained in a given time frame.

However, every one of us desires different goals – and beyond the bare mathematical wisdom, a goal not backed by our own philosophy of life is not desirable for us.

And what does all this have to do with the pen?


Success means selling

Politicians are the kings of the penless life. This not only refers to the ruling leaders, but also to the CEOs of corporations and starving artists.

Bad scores are glossed over. Responsibilities delegated. Explanations, excuses, distortions and denials.

If you want to achieve real goals, think about the pen: you hold it in your hand, release it, and … what does the pen do? It drops.

And to recognize this reality – as easy as it sounds – is the foundation of every success.

Accepting reality. No “if”s and “but”s. No discussions. You accept it, just as it is.

Recognize that there are situations that I can not modify and must live with.

And you can really not sweet talk your way out of it.

Pulp Fiction Before






Or can you?

Pulp Fiction







Arguing that the pen would not drop in outer space; that it could have been tied and therefore kept suspended in mid-air; or that it might be magnetic and floating in a solenoid – those are subterfuges into very unique and highly unlikely situations. These cop-outs distract from the real world.

Realities. Respect. Accept.


Thus ends this blog post.

This post – I’ll call it introductory contribution – is the first of a series that will describe my definition of the world and success on a professional and private level in individual steps.

I will explain the Schlauchfuzius, in 20 steps – a collection of wisdom about life, the Universe and all the rest (thanks, Douglas Adams – who does not know who this is: Google is your friend). I’ll explain practices and incidents from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (thanks, Richard Bandler) – and will fuse this all into one unit.

I conclude with a phrase I heard the other day on a talk show. Unfortunately I can not provide a list of sources, since I do not know who it was, but I was very sympathetic upon hearing this statement:

“He who believes in exponential, unlimited growth in a finite world…

…is either mad or an economist.”


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