Turbocharge Your Happiness: How to come up with 102 Items To Be Grateful For

I have started with my gratefulness exercise over a year ago.

Every morning, I wrote down three items I am grateful for.

Then, I added two more. Now I had five items.

Not long after that, Cam Adair from Game Quitters suggested 10 items. 10!

And it was possible. Every morning, its very own idea machine exercises.

It’s relatively easy though to be thankful for the sun, books, an iPad etc.

Beyond that? How about coming up with 100 (!) items you are happy about?

It’s not a complex operation. And here is how:

All you do is come up with 10 items that seed different categories; you then think about 10 points within each of these categories.

10×10 = 100.

You can also do it on a smaller scale.

If you can’t come up with 10 ideas, come up with 5 categories with 2 ideas in each – as I mentioned before.

I have demonstrated that process with one of my gratefulness lists.

#1 – Theme: Getting up early.

1. Getting still up before 7 am.

2. Waking up in a great warm bed.

3. Having mostly great dreams and interesting nightmares.

4. Being able to fall asleep and usually not suffering from insomnia.

5. Having a clean bedspread.

6. Always making my bed in the morning, so that going to bed in the evening feels special.

7. Living in a non-noisy street.

8. That my bed has lately not moved much. It has rolls.

9. Sleeping in a Batman T-shirt.

10. Having an alarm clock that can play CDs.

#2 – Theme: Having a tidy apartment.

Happiness Desk
A clean desk is nice to work on.

11. An uncluttered apartment.

12. Having just cleaned it up so it really feels fresh.

13. Having enough stuff so that I can thin it out to begin with.

14. Actually having a large apartment so that it does not feel cramped.

15. My corner desk.

16. That I have accumulated so many notes to go through – they will newly inspire me.

17. Having a love seat that I can sit in and lean back.

18. Being able to host guests thanks to a clean apartment.

19. That cleaning up is an easy way to make us happier.

20. The exterminator – I am having less bugs and mice now.

#3 – Theme: Books.

Happiness Candlelight Astronomy
We can be lucky we have electric light today!

21. Learning more from reading books.

22. The aesthetic pleasure of having a large bookshelf.

23. Honoring the memory of my Grandmother by keeping her favorite books.

24. That I was able to read early on in my life.

25. That I was able and motivated to self-teach me before school started.

26. Learning more about the author by reading their books.

27. The immense motivation you gain from reading books.

28. That reading books means consuming knowledge, but also becoming inspired.

29. That some fonts are beautiful to look at.

30. That books can function like mentors.

#4 – Theme: My iPad.

31. Having a large book library on my iPad.

32. The easy one-click download of books from Amazon onto my iPad.

33. That my iPad is a living homage to Star Trek – something I always wanted to use.

34. That I could recover most of my ebooks when my iPad was stolen.

35. That I can nicely watch Netflix in bed without placing a TV into my bedroom.

36. That my iPad almost completely looks like when I bought it.

37. The sturdy glass screen.

38. The GameQuitters sticker on the back.

39. That I can use it to watch baseball.

40. That someone like Steve Jobs brought Apple back up so we can now have iPads.

#5 – Theme: Living in the U.S.

41. That I am living in the US.

42. That I have my Green Card.

43. Thanksgiving and other festivities.

44. That the whole country is so amazingly wide.

45. That people are so welcoming and friendly.

46. That I can feel happy in New York as well as Iowa.

47. That the landscape in Arizona is completely different from that in New England, for example.

48. That this country is a haven for people that want to start a new life.

49. That you can (and sometimes have to) reinvent yourself.

50. That here are endless opportunities.

#6 – Theme: Christmas

51. Christmas soon.

52. That Christmas instills a sense of everything becoming good.

53. Christmas tree and decoration.

54. Giving and receiving gifts and great gestures of affection.

55. That we believe in Santa Claus when we are younger.

56. That we grow out of it when we are older.

57. The great memories associated with Christmas.

58. Having the family come together.

59. That the whole world slows down for a couple of days.

60. That there are orchards where you can cut down your own tree.

#7 – Theme: My Space Heater

61. Always having a warm apartment through my space heater.

62. That having this machine reminds me of childhood.

63. That the heater is efficient and warms the house in no time.

64. That it inspires me: I’d like to have a house with an oven that you can hack wood for, just as I have lived in the past.

65. That people like Faraday and Edison researched electricity and invented the right devices so we can have now heating coils.

66. That I can so easily become happier just by warming up the house.

67. That it reminds me of hurricane Sandy. Overcoming the cold was basically – for me at least! – a sign that things were going better again.

68. That my mother will likely not freeze when she is here.

69. That the space heater makes me independent from central heat in the house.

70. That the heater was not expensive.

#8 – My Mom

71. My Mom coming visiting.

72. That she may bring her violin.

73. That I can easily track the flight she is on.

74. That she did not send me any eMail today, meaning she had no big trouble getting onto the plane in Germany.

75. That we can fly past the Atlantic just like that.

76. That Orville and Wilbur Wright did not give up trying – unlike others that set out unsuccessfully set out.

77. That visiting a cockpit inspired me to develop an affinity to technology and science. My Mom convinced me when I was 7 that I could indeed visit the pilots.

78. That my Mom can still fly and make the passage.

79. That despite all our differences, she still has my back.

80. That I get to see and experience new things while she is visiting. Potential new inspirations!

#9 – Theme: Friends

81. Having friends around.

82. Having been able to reconnect with old school friends this year.

83. Becoming inspired by a lot of interesting people.

84. That some people are warm and welcoming.

85. That friends have your back.

86. That it is fun to give to friends.

87. That the desire to connect to more people led me on a different path in my life than I had originally intended.

88. That your tribe grounds you and gives you strength.

89. That people are different and you thus you get to observe life from different angles.

90. That as long as you have friends, it is irrelevant whether we are alone in the Universe or not.

#10 – Theme: This gratefulness exercise

91. The very act of writing down ten things you are grateful for every day.

92. Taking time to sit down and think about what is already great in your life.

93. That other people say the gratefulness exercise helps them in their day. Good for them!

94. That Cam Adair has pushed me to do 10 gratefulness items every day, instead of three.

95. That writing down 10 gratefulness items makes you spiritually healthy on the long run.

96. That 10 happiness items give you some good ideas already.

97. That the happiness exercise increases your dopamine levels. A permanent happiness trigger.

98. That there is room for inventing apps based on the gratefulness habit.

99. That I have much more relaxing days with the happiness exercise.

100. That doing the happiness exercise is a great landmark when starting the day.

101. That the flight is delayed by as much as I got up later today, so my whole daily schedule will probably still work out until I pick her up from the airport!

102. That friends sometimes even suggest business ideas for you!

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