You Think I’m Funny? Funny How? 11 Times I Laughed Out Loud

11 times I laughed out loud. Let’s introduce this article with one of the greatest scenes in movie history – Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci in “Goodfellas”, including a hilarious stare down:

We should laugh and enjoy life more often (even though the scene above ends a bit gory)!

Thus, without further ado, here are my 11 favorite funny scenes and moments.

#1 – The Office

One of the best pranks – and fitting to the Christmas season. You will enjoy my video for this whole article. I think I have never actually completely understood this scene until I discussed it in the video… a live Eureka moment.

#2 – The N-Word on South Park.

The whole episode is a great take on “Political Correctness”.


#3 – Simpsons episodes.

The one with the ‘April Fool’s Joke’ was one of the best. It had everything a well executed prank needs. And when I saw it, we had one of hour “Simpsons Parties”. We would get together for a weekend with a couple of friends and did Simpsons marathons.

#4 – With my grandmother about a cartoon with two astronauts outside their spaceships:

I don’t find the image online. Two astronauts were coming back from their space walk and floated in front of the closed air lock. One astronaut asks the other: “What do you mean, you forgot the keys inside?”

It was great because (a) it was a funny illustration of a very basic human observation and (b) I will always remember how my Grandma and I had to laugh. I think we just came back from watching “Back to the Future III”. Yes, I had a cool grandma.

#5 – Gary Larson: “Call me Ishmael” Comic Strip.

A perfect illustration of “Writer’s Block“. 

#6 – Organ Donor from Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”.

I love it for its over the top” grotesqueness. Yet an important topic. We saw it in high school for one of the last days before high school.

#7 – Jürgen von der Lippe’s “5 stages of alcohol consum”.

That was also just perfectly well describing how you feel on a night out drinking. I did find the video with the sketch, though not subtitled, so I am translating it here.

Stage #1.
A normal working day – let’s say, a Wednesday, 11 pm.
You just had a couple beers and want to go home now – gotta be back up in the morning! Just at that moment, somebody says “beers on me!” .
And you tell yourself: “Ah well… as long as I can still get seven hours of sleep in, it will be ok.”

Stage #2.
Midnight. You just had four more beer. You just talked agitatedly about artificial lawn for 20 minutes (you were against it).
And you really want to go home now. Because a little angel has been sitting on your right shoulder for quite some time now and tells you: “Come on. Let’s go home now. You gotta get up early in the morning. Work.”
But on your left shoulder, there is this little devil, telling you: “No! We’re having so much fun right now! We’ll never get together like that again! As long as you can get 6 hours of sleep in, it’s ok.”

Stage #3.
1 am. You stopped drinking beer. In favor of “Tequila!!!”.
You just debated again – passionately! – about artificial lawn. You were in favor of it! Furthermore you think “Zhe waitresh ish the most beaudiful women in zhe worlld!” What’s more, not only could you embrace whole humanity, no, you could redeem the whole world!
On your way to the bathroom you just pay the guy sitting at the bar a beer. Just because you love his face so much.
In the bathroom, you have to laugh hysterically, because there is a new sentence on the wall that you did not know yet: “Better in the Empress than Imperator.”

Stage #4.
2 am. Last call. You order a bottle of coke and a bottle of rum.
You feel like artificial lawn. On the way to the bathroom you wanna beat up the guy sitting at the bar, just because you don’t like his face. While you wash your hands, you commit the mistake to look into the mirror. You say “Who’sh That?” You kick the guy to the side. “Phew. Shank Godd”.

Stage #5.
You resolve to “Going Home” immediately after you’ve been kicked out of the bar.
At home, your gaze falls upon a quarter full bottle of whiskey – which you immediately consume.
Instead of going to bed. Now. You have a great idea. You put the old Leonard Cohen record on, which you haven’t listened to in 18 years.
You are standing on your socks, arms spread, whiskey bottle in your left. You gently rock to the sounds from the record. You even sing along a little bit! “Suzaaaannne… takesh you doo-oo-oown… to she plathe….neeear ze RIVEEEEEERRRR!”
While tears stream down your face and you get carried away on a wave of emotions, you realize one thing:

You are not drunk.

Maybe a little bit tipsy. But in good physical and spiritual condition – considering the fact that it is 3:30 am and the neighbours below are knocking with a broomstick on your floor.
After you browsed – with the help of a litre of wine – in an old photo album of yours, you decide to call your ex-girlfriend. You haven’t seen her in five years. The only thing you know is that she has now two kids and is married to a police officer. He actually is the guy who takes your call. And he reacts a bit funny as you say “I LUUUVE YEOU! REMEMMBER! I WILL ADOPT ZHE CHILDREN!!! Asshole!”
You decide to write her a letter. No. Better. A whole collections of poems! And you will not rely on the post to deliver it – you will do it in person. This very night. You will kick her husband’s ass and then elope with her and her children to “New Zhealand”. Or at least: “Cannada”.

While you brace for this commando with a mix of Jägermeister and Chartreuse, a merciful unconsciousness envelops you.

The next morning, you don’t go to work. You wake up at 2 pm, shivering, on the floor. With the hangover of the century. And you decide:

Never! Ever! Alcohol! Again!

#8 – The Bridge Guard during “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

I think that must have been one of the top 10 funny moments in my life. Just see for yourself.

#9 – T.C. Boyle’s “Carnal Knowledge”

In this story, a guy tries to please a woman by freeing turkeys from a farm. Only to realize that these noble birds got killed shortly afterwards by encountering a truck while crossing the streets.

#10 – A guy tries to pick up a banknote trapped under a car…

… doesn’t manage at first, so he decides to go to a café across the streets and wait until the car is driving away. The guys reaction while he thinks someone else will discover the note while waiting for it – priceless.

#11 – Bernie and Ert

This Sesame Street parody is one of my all-time favorite show. They even have a “Christmas” episode! You should know that a big part of Christmas tradition is putting your empty shoes out on the night before the 6th of December, so Saint Nicklaus comes and fills them with treats.

Actually, I could not decide between that episode and the “Lottery” one:

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed!

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