Your Wishes At The Tip Of A Button: 11 Apps That Would Be Great To Have

We live in amazing times. Almost anything we want, there is an app or application somewhere. If I listened to my iTunes library, it would take me three months of non-stop listening to get through all my songs and podcasts once. I still remember when CDs came up. I had to save up $20 to get a CD with 10 songs. One hour of recording. We now truly live in abundance!

And how have all these innovations come about? Software. Computers have become so powerful that you can serve literally any desire with a program.

Is that because computers are so omnipresent and powerful, or because we have adopted our lives to fit into a computerized platform? Hmmm…

Whatever it may be, apps can be great tools. And this is what day 2 in “Become an Idea Machine” is about…

11 Apps That Could Solve A Problem You Have.

Here is the list. I will also provide some ideas to take the first step. I can’t just say “a time machine” without coming up with at least some specifics how to make this invention happen. Otherwise, the ideas are just speculation and wishful thinking.

#1 – An app that projects phone callers’ images in 3D.

You know where R2D2 projects Princess Leia’s picture in front of Obiwan Kenobi, C3PO and Luke Skywalker?

So I am looking basically for the Star Wars version of Skype. Star Wype. Every phone would basically need a holographic scanner and projector… there are holographic/projected keyboards already, which is amazing – it projects a keyboard in front of your computer and records the movements of your fingers when you type. 

I have no idea how easy this is to use – so check the reviews if you do decide to get it – but still. This is fantastic technology.

Update: Oh well, Skype is apparently already working on it

And instead of saying: oh well, that sucks, this idea already exists! – in the spirit of Hard Gratitude, as demonstrated yesterday, I say: It’s great that companies are now working on 3D technology, because this could mean we are just standing at the beginning of a fantastic new generation of technology. If you think about it, it feels a little bit like the early 80s, when computers were just becoming popular and affordable for home use.

Maybe in the end, we can have a 3D internet, like a holographic realm where distances don’t matter and we can interact with each other’s holograms without having to travel. With all the chances and pitfalls that the transition from normal phone calls to Social Media has brought. Good thing or bad thing? You decide…

#2 – An app that shows my biorhythm every day.

If this sounds esoteric, it is because the original concept likely is. However, many things in life happen in cycles. Some days you feel better, some days worse. If you measure some physical parameters like body fat loss, you realize that it fluctuates quite a bit. In my case, it actually goes two days down, one day up.

Whatever your rhythm in life is and what you are tackling, it would be useful if you typed in some parameters that you observed in whatever project you are working on – and then the app calculates the likelihood that you will do well or worse on any given day. It puts things into perspective when you are working towards your goal and you learn that you can expect periodic drawbacks.

Because on the long run, you will be fine.

#3 – An app that reminds me of conversations I had with people.

Let’s say, somebody mentions to me in passing that he or she would really like to get a certain item. You type that in directly after the phone call, and before you call the person again, it reminds you of this item, and you can refer back to that.

#4 – An app that translates audio into a written transcript.

for some reason, when you search for apps that automatically transcribe podcasts, you don’t find that many good ones. Speech recognition seems to be a difficult problem to solve. And it would be really great to see the important points of any video or podcast pointed out like a bullet list.

#5 – An app that connects me with other expatriates if I am new in a different country.

Legal assistance, new friends, reconnecting with home… the possibilities are endless. You simply don’t find yourself easily lost. And it would be easy to use such an app. You simply have the phone or computer take your address, you type in some of your hobbies and expertise etc. It could be a “Tinder” for expatriates. Tinder-Home. Tome.

#6 – Uber for medical emergencies.

What if you had an app that would immediately connect first helpers to people that have a sudden heart attack? Or an accident at night, and nobody is around… or somebody falls down the ladder at home, and his neighbor could have helped him, but has no clue what is happening next door. If you signed up to this app, you could have an emergency button that immediately goes out to the phones of other people who have signed up and alerts them to the emergency, so they can come and help.

#7 – An app where you type in the ingredients you have at home and get the possible dishes you could cook.

It’s basically a simple database. You could also extent this app to suggest the best wine to pair with your meal etc.

#8 – An app that consolidates the 20 highest ranking articles on a specific topic.

It can then flesh out the 5 – 10 most important “take home messages”. So you get a quick information about a specific field you want to know more about.

#9 – An app that offers you freelancing jobs and opportunities based on your hobbies and interests.

Maybe somebody down the street really needs his table fixed, and unbeknownst to him, you like to do some carpentry in your spare time. Boom – a new connection is made. In extension, you could also have your personal preferences make you connect with someone who you’d greatly vibe with.

#10 – A meme generator for your own photos, based on your moods

This generator would take photos you took, looks at your current mood and constructs a meme that you can then send to your friends (or enemies). How would it know your mood? Maybe you type it in. It could also actually measure it with small, almost invisible electrodes; or it would infer it from the actions you took over the last days.

#11 – A minimalist app.

This app would track your daily actions and lets you type in your moods etc. You also record the items you have at home, and then the app shows you how often you have used each item over the last days – and then it makes suggestions on which item you could get rid of. It could also connect to other people, maybe someone likes to buy the item you no longer need. Or there is a “second-hand” store in the vicinity that would buy your items.

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