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Victor Pride: 30 Days Of Discipline

We don’t rise to the occasion, we fall back onto the level of our training.

after Antilochos

By the end of 2013, I was in a bit of a funk. My dating life was improving, but I felt “stuck” in many ways.

Mentally and professionally

I was not sure anymore whether working in science was what I truly wanted. More and more, I saw the experiments in the lab as mechanical busy work.

I did not want to face my life heads-on, so I just made myself comfortable behind routines and habits.

I thought I was safe. But I was dieing every day a bit more…



I was often getting up too late after too little sleep. I felt lethargic during my workdays.

An oversized, disgusting belly, developed from too many sweets and snacks, helped this lethargy along.


I was eating cookies and unhealthy food because they reminded me of the past. Eating them became a tradition that anchored me in life.

With that “tradition”, I tried to expel my fear of the future.

So I hardly lived in the “now”. I closed my eyes to what happened around me. I lived in the past to avoid the future.

At one point, enough was enough. I did not want to live day-in, day-out without progress anymore. was the first site I discovered, and from there I went on to

It took me only a little while to discover this little gem:

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This is a program consisting of 12 routines and daily habits – designed to get you into a mindset of “getting things done” over the course of 30 days.

For example, you learn to:

– get up at 5 am every morning

– take a cold shower every day

– do a basic set of calisthenics

– write down your ideas every day

– eat right, dress well, walk tall, look people into the eye etc.

You can easily integrate these routines into your life.

You don’t need to revamp what you are already doing. You only replace all the bad habits that have snuck in over the years with good and healthy ones.

Sure, some of these routines are hard at first. For example, I had to go through 100 push-ups each day. At first, I could only do three sets of 30. In the end, I not only did 100 in one go, no: one set of 120 plus 2 sets of 50. That’s how much this book got me pumped up.

I went through the program back in february/march 2013.

I have never looked back.

By and large, this is how my life has changed:

Before 30 Days of Discipline

I would get up at 7:30 am, check my eMail, eat an unhealthy breakfast that would just make me more sleepy while checking time-wasting websites and get riled up about the “News” that had absolutely no impact on my life. After wasting 1 – 2 hours of my precious time, I’d hop into the commute, curse its suckage and arrive at work. The first hour at work was “spiritually wasted”, meaning I had to first get over my sour mood to be productive. Plus the unhealthy breakfast made sure my health slowly deteriorated.

Imagine somebody had told me back then to “just get up at 5 am”. I would have thought that person was crazy. At least leave me the decency to sleep two hours longer, right?


After following Victor Pride’s book

I am now gladly getting up before 7 am. I am ESPECIALLY happy when I can get up at 5 am:


I am grateful for that because now my morning is filled with productivity, happiness and a cold shower. I am serious. When you are up at 5 am, the whole day lies before you. So many hours to do amazing things! For example, working on this blog you are reading just now.

This is a summary of what “30 Days of Discipline” has done for me

#1 – I am much happier on a daily base, because by 7 am, I have followed almost every good habit that I learnt from “30 Days of Discipline”. There is literally no day where I would say “I did not get anything done today”.

#2 – My head is now free to think about my goals in life.

#3 – I am creating other long-term goals – for example, running my own blog/business. If I had not gone through “30 Days of Discipline”, I would not have broken free from the “daily slog” to trigger my creativity.

This is how you become a happier, successful person: by installing good habits. It does not matter WHAT you want to do in life.

You are not somebody who “tries to be successful”.

With these habits, you ARE already successful at life.

Now you add whatever you ALSO want.

Improve your life.

You can buy the book by using the following link – Click here to view more details

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